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  1. 15 Genealogy Quotes We Love

    Here are 15 of our favorite quotes about family history. We hope you enjoy them! Every man is a quotation from all...
  2. Wayne, Walter, and the Model T

    My husband’s great-uncle Wayne Nedry Alwood (1893-1948) had a Model T automobile similar to this one, pictured.  Those puppies could be...
  3. From Yorkshire to America

    Mosey, my married name, is an unusual American surname, with no obvious ethnic origin.  But I have learned that it’s English...
  4. Sunshine and Shadow: The Petersons

    My ancestors ran the gamut from black sheep to outstanding citizen.  But life isn’t fair…  Those who honor faith and family,...
  5. The View from an Amish Buggy

    I’ve had Amish friends for a long time.  I took this picture from the back seat of their buggy—one of my...
  6. 12 Genealogy Research Rules

    Well, rules might be a bit strict, but we do have some pretty tight guidelines that we like to follow when we’re doing genealogy...
  7. Lewis Mosey: Civil War Survivor

    My husband has a great-grandfather who fought in the Civil War and lived to tell about it (although barely).  His name...
  8. The Search for Barent Ryder

    Thank you to Bob Vornlocker for this guest post. I’ve previously written several articles about searching using wildcards and my comments...
  9. Justifiable Homicide

    A few years ago I did an ancestry binder for an in-law branch of the family which shall remain nameless.  I...
  10. Skeletons in the Closet

    Everyone thinks they want me to find a few—but perhaps that’s one of those things that sounds better in theory than it turns out to be in practice.

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