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  1. What is the Best Way to Uncover Details About Our Ancestors?

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    Thanks to Kiki Corbin for sharing one of our first genealogy tidbits. Kiki says: “I have traced my Corbin family back to the 1400′s after many years of research. I was only able to trace my Angelakis family back 4 generations, which also took many years. Now I’d like to...
  2. Somewhat Mysterious Artifact: Do You Know What This Is?

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    I was skimming through my Google Alerts late last night and came across a link with an intriguing title “Does anyone know what this artifact is? PLEASE HELP!?” Of course, I couldn’t help but follow the link and found it was a plea from a student looking for some help...
  3. Wise Words Left Behind on a Scrap of Paper: Wisdom Wednesday

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    Susan Mosey of Ancestry Binders was kind enough to share these wise words from her father for Wisdom Wednesday. “My late father, Robert M. Wallin, wrote this out for me on a scrap of paper many years ago, and I’ve treasured it ever since (and tried to live by it).”   Do...

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