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This is the Fastest Way to Scan Your Old Photos, Period

Do you have boxes upon boxes and albums upon albums of old photos sitting somewhere at home? Whether they are prominently placed on a living room shelf, or tucked away and collecting dust in storage, it’s time to get those treasures digitized. And we’re here to make it easy.

New Tool is Changing the Way We See Old Photos: Here’s How to Use It

MyHeritage has created two advanced photo enhancing tools that will help you get to know your ancestors in a whole new way. MyHeritage in Color, coupled with the site’s Photo Enhancer technology, can transform your old family photos into sharp and vibrant images that reveal previously hidden details.

Why Weren’t Your Ancestors Smiling in Those Old Photos? The Reason Revealed

Thank you to the family history research site Crestleaf for sharing this fun take on why people didn’t smile in old photographs. Ever wonder why your ancestors aren’t grinning from ear to ear in those faded black and white family portraits? Though there are many speculations and theories as to why people donned such serious …

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Stop Hiding Your Old Family Photos! 14 Ways to Put Them on Display

If you’ve been itching to dig out those dusty old shoeboxes and piles of inherited photo albums but you’re just not sure where to start – read on. It’s time to think outside the frame and discover some new and exciting ways to display old family photos around your home.

You Can Now Use Your Phone to Turn Old Negatives and Slides Into Photos

Wouldn’t it be nice to see what’s really on all those old family photo negatives or slides you’ve been carefully collecting and storing? If so, you might be ready to try out a negative scanner app (also known as a film scanner app). These free apps are designed to quickly scan old black and white and color film negatives and positive slides and turn them into digital photos.

4 Simple Steps to Help You Decipher Old Family Photos

Hoping to figure out who is in an old family photo, what year it was taken or what the reason for the shot was? There is no doubt that discovering the who, when, where and why of family pictures is one of the most rewarding forms of genealogical sleuthing there is, but the job can seem nearly impossible. The good news is, there are some strategies that can help. If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on some old images, following the steps below can help you finally decipher them.

The Simple Dos and Don’ts for Preserving Old Family Photos at Home

For the family history researcher, finding a stash of old family photographs can be a true genealogy jackpot! And while our first inclination might be to hang them right up on the wall for everyone to see – this may not be the best idea. Here’s how you should handle them.