Tips for Searching

Is your search returning few or no results? If so, try these steps:

1. Please do not search for people. This search is for locating free genealogy websites, not for locating individual ancestors, surnames or personal family history data. Use the search box to type in the location your ancestor may have lived in and/or the type of records you are looking for to find free sites that contain those records. Example: ‘Canadian Census’ or ‘Kentucky’ You can also use our Free Genealogy Search Tool to look for people or specific family history data.

2. If you still do not get the results you need after typing in a location or record type, try searching variants of your terms. This will often return many new results. Examples: ‘Ireland’ instead of ‘Irish,’ ‘marriage’ instead of ‘marriages,’ ‘death records’ instead of ‘burial records,’ ‘birth records’ instead of ‘baptismal records’ or ‘Unites States’ instead of ‘USA.’

3. If you continue to receive few results, try broadening your search. For instance, try searching for a state or country instead of a city our county. Many sites in the index contain county and city data, but may only show up in search for their associated state, province or country. Other sites are only listed by type, not location, since they cover so many areas. Example: search for “England Death Records” instead of ‘Cheshire Birth Records.’ or ‘Newspapers’ instead of ‘New York Newspapers’

4. If your search continues to produce no results, head to the doGenealogy category page and browse through the listings by location or topic.

5. Try our Free Genealogy Search, a tool that allows you to search many free genealogy sites at one time for your ancestors.