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Love is My Last Name: A Fun Look at Valentine’s Day Related Surnames

Thank you to family history research site Crestleaf for contributing this guest post. 

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. Depending on your current relationship status, the season of courtly love can either conjure up warm and fuzzy feelings, or make you want to forget the day exists!


But this lovey dovey day isn’t just for couples who want to romance each other. Valentine’s Day is also a family history buff’s dream when you get right down to it. Much like the day itself, family surnames are filled with history, and we’ve found some of the best Valentine’s Day surnames from the Crestleaf Surname Database that will make even the most cynical family history aficionado swoon. But which states have the most swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day surnames? And, more importantly, did your state make it to on list?

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The Valentine’s Day infographic above highlights the states in which we located the most “Valentine” surnames, with New York, Ohio and Florida rounding out the top three.


  • There are a total of 11,287 people in our surname database who didn’t mind being called Valentine.
  • And a whopping 1,092 of them were lovers of the great state of New York.
  • We also found 26 Valentinettis, 24 Valentiners and 8 Valentinellis in our surname database.



  • 23,115 people in our database were truly in Love.
  • And they mostly lived and loved in Texas (2,019).
  • Sadly, 3,006  people in our surname database were Loveless.
  • And 4,253 were hopelessly intertwined with Lovelace.

More Swoon-Worthy Valentine’s Day Surnames


  • Call up one of the 40 Cupids in our database if you need a little help with your love game.
  • And you might want to head to New York (11) to find yourself a Cupid in a pinch.


  • 136 Arrows are waiting for those Cupids to snatch them up.
  • And it looks like they’ll want to head to Pennsylvania for some Arrows (33) if they want to hit their target just right!


  • Only 129 Hearts were found throughout our entire database. Where’s the love? (Oh , yeah, we already covered that — California!)
  • And we found that the state with the most Heart was New York (23).


  • There are only 23 Chocolates in our database!
  • So if you need to buy Chocolates for your Valentine, you should get to Illinois (6), pronto!


  • If we run out of Chocolates, it’s all well and good because there is more Candy to go around (203).
  • We even have 50 more Candies.


  • And if Chocolates and Candies aren’t your thing, our surname database is filled with beautiful bouquets of Flowers (14,815).
  • Or perhaps you’d like to give a single Flower (1,309) to your sweetie.


  • But if you’re really serious about showing your love and devotion, you might want to buy 45,330 Roses instead.
  • Or opt for a smaller bouquet of Roses from New York (3,403) or Ohio (2,887).


  • There are only 7 Romantics in all of the Crestleaf surname database. Is romance really that dead?
  • Nope, because 55 people knew what Romance is all about.


  • And 12 people would Adore their Valentines through and through.

Valentine’s Day Locations Across the Country

In addition to Valentine’s Day surnames, these 15 locales celebrate the season of courtly love all year long.

Valentine Locales

  • Valentine, Arizona
  • Valentine, Nebraska
  • Valentine, Texas
  • Valentines, Virginia

Love Locales

  • Lovejoy, Georgia
  • Lovejoy, Illinois
  • Lovelaceville, Kentucky
  • Lovelady, Texas
  • Loveland, Colorado

Rose Locales

  • Rose Bud, Arkansas
  • Rose City, Michigan
  • Rose Creek, Minnesota
  • Rose Hill, Iowa
  • Rose Hill, Kansas

Romance Locales

  • Romance, Arkansas

Image credit: Ewan Traveler

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