DNA Test Prices Drop for Father’s Day

Genealogy DNA Test Prices Drop for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day right around the corner, several large DNA testing companies are offering steep discounts on their tests for a short time. Whether you’ve been waiting for a deal to take a test yourself, or plan to share one with a family member, now might be the perfect time. We’ve included links to the deals below for your convenience.

DNA tests can seem a bit confusing if you are new to them. If you need help choosing the best DNA test for your needs see our detailed comparison guide here.

The offers in this article have now expired. Current offers may be found by following the links below.

Please note that we have an affiliate partnership with the companies below, if you decide to click on one of the following links and buy a test Family History Daily may receive a small amount of revenue. This helps us support the running of this site but it does not influence the information we have shared. 

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Best DNA Sales for Father’s Day

Important Notice: All prices shown below are for U.S. customers and are effective only until June 18th, 2017 or until the date mentioned below. After that time these deals are no longer valid. However, you can still find the most current deal on kits from each of these companies by following the links below since you will be brought to the main DNA sales page for each company.

$69 for MyHeritage DNA – MyHeritage recently announced that they are providing free ethnicity reports as well as DNA matches to those who upload raw DNA to their site. But they also offer a DNA testing service and the price on this test is one of the best on the market right now – just $69. While MyHeritage is fairly new to the DNA arena they offer some unique and easy-to-use features to help you connect your genealogy research and your DNA results to grow your family tree. Find the Father’s Day DNA deal here. It’s good until June 19th, 2017.

$69 for Family Tree DNA – FTDNA has been providing DNA tests for longer than any other testing provider and their DNA analysis tools are top-notch. This is the best test for those who want to really dig into their genome. You can get their test, which includes the MyOrigins 2.0 ethnicity report and DNA cousin matches, for just $69 until June 18th. They are also offering some of their Y-DNA tests (paternal line, for men only) at a discount right now.

$79 for AncestryDNA – Because Ancestry.com is one of the most widely used genealogy research sites, their DNA tests are also popular. While their DNA tools are not as robust as FTDNA Ancestry does offer some unique options for exploring your results. They are offering their test for $79 until June 18th.

Again, if you need help choosing a DNA test you may want to read our helpful comparison guide for a breakdown of the differences between these companies.

Enjoy the deals!

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