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Learn the research techniques and expert tricks you need to discover your ancestors online with our easy-to-use, hands-on lessons. Whether you're new to family history, or have been researching for decades, our courses are here to help.

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Family History Daily has been educating family history hobbyists since 2013 and our courses offer the same in-depth help and unique insights you’ve come to expect from our articles – but in a convenient, online learning environment. Our courses cover dozens of topics to help you find your ancestors online.

Lessons are nonacademic and are built for family historians who want to improve their online research skills in an informal manner. They are self-paced and self-directed so there are no time limits or required attendance times.

Discover the ‘secrets’ of with the Unofficial Ancestry Crash Course or take our Genealogy Research Course and explore Google for genealogy, dozens of free resources and research sites, overseas records, brick wall solutions, DNA and much more. See a more complete list of topics below.

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Our Family History Courses

Genealogy Research Course

The Genealogy Research Course includes more than 100 lessons that take you from absolute basics all the way to advanced research techniques. Lessons include exclusive course content from more than a dozen genealogy professionals and some of the best articles from Family History Daily in an ad-free format. Wherever you are in your journey, this course will help you improve your research and uncover your ancestors. See topics below. Crash Course

The Unofficial Ancestry Crash Course offers 21 detailed lessons to help you make the most of's records and tools. Discover advanced techniques that will help you move beyond straightforward searches and finally take advantage of everything this massive site has to offer. Dig up buried records, reveal hidden collections and utilize hints in whole new ways. We'll even show you how to access some of the records for free. 

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Unofficial Ancestry Crash Course

$69 Lifetime Access
  • 21 Detailed Lessons
  • Use Like an Expert
  • Hands-on Activities & Quizzes
  • Expert Tips and Tricks
  • Course Support
  • Lifetime Access

The Genealogy Research Course

$129 Lifetime Access
  • More Than 100 Detailed Lessons
  • Hands-on Activities & Quizzes
  • Beginner and Advanced Lessons
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • Course Support
  • Lifetime Access

The Complete Course Package

$159 Lifetime Access
  • Both Courses (121+ Lessons)
  • All Activities & Quizzes
  • Huge Bundled Discount
  • All Future Courses Included
  • Course Support
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Frequently Asked Questions About the Courses

Who created the courses? The course materials were created by the staff of the popular online genealogy help magazine Family History Daily, as well as many guest experts. Lessons not created by Family History Daily staff are clearly labeled with the lesson author.

How do the courses work? Family History Daily courses are self-paced and self-directed and all lessons are online. They are designed to help you improve your skills as a family historian by introducing you to more advanced research techniques and expanding your understanding of available resources and tools. You’ll learn via easy to read, text-based lessons, hands-on activities and self-administered quizzes.

Who are these courses for? We have designed our courses so that everyone can learn from them, no matter how long you have been researching. Most of the lessons are at an intermediate level with beginner content where appropriate. The Genealogy Research Course has an entire section just for beginners. The courses are for hobbyists and were not created to teach professional level research skills or methodology.

Do you have any upcoming courses? Yes! Family History Daily will soon be offering a full organization course just for genealogists, as well as mini-courses on DNA for family history and using MyHeritage. These courses will all be included at no extra cost when you register for the Complete Course Package.

How long do the courses take to complete? The Genealogy Research Course is more than 100 lessons, and the Ancestry Crash Course is 21 lessons. Each lesson will teach you a valuable new skill or introduce you to new resources. Working through these lessons can take as little as half an hour, or as long as several hours or even days, depending on the topic discussed and your own research and goals. Every lesson includes an estimated time for completion that takes into account reading time and basic tasks. You will have access to these courses forever so you can take as long as you need to work through them.

Are the courses private? Yes, only those registered for the courses can access the materials.

What countries are covered in the courses? The courses were designed so that most of the materials are applicable to research anywhere in the world. They are not location specific. We have, however, included free research sites and resources by location in the Genealogy Research Course. Countries covered include the U.S., Canada, the UK and Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand and others. Detailed guides are provided for the UK, Ireland, Germany and Australia. That being said, the course does have a U.S. bias because it was primarily written for U.S. researchers. Guides and free resource lists are also available for African American and Native American research, as well as a Jewish research resource section.

Is there any course support? Yes! You can contact support at any time for help with the materials or technical assistance. You will find instructions in the course.

Is there a course certificate? No, because this is a nonacademic course it does not provide a certificate or certification and cannot prepare you for professional genealogical certification. The courses are offered for hobbyists interested in improving their research skills so that they can build a better family tree.

Are prices in US dollars? Yes, prices shown are in US dollars but you may register from anywhere in the world.

Are there additional costs? The price for courses is a one-time fee, no additional charges will ever be made to your credit card and you will have access to the materials forever. No additional paid materials are needed for the Genealogy Research Course since nearly all research websites, resources and tools referenced in the course are free to use. The DNA lessons do require that you have access to DNA test data, but this is optional. The Ancestry Crash Course requires that you have access to that site. Free trials and free collections are available, however, so you may take the course even without a subscription. We explain how in the course.

Can I purchase the courses as a gift? Yes. Simply order the desired level under your own name and then email us at [email protected] for a gift code that you can place in a card or otherwise share with your recipient. These codes never expire. If you would like to order gifts for multiple individuals simply email us for instructions.

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