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The Perfect Genealogy Courses for Anyone Who Wants to Learn New Research Techniques

Uncover Free, High-Quality Genealogy Research Sites, Search Tricks and Helpful Tools

Self-Paced and Easy-to-Use Lessons, Discussions, Quizzes and Hands-on Research Challenges

Break Down Brick Walls With Advanced Research Strategies and Step-by-Step Guides

Family History Daily offers three fun, online course options to help you with your research. Choose the one that’s right for you.

1. The Genealogy Journey is a self-paced and self-directed online genealogy research course that’s jam-packed full of tips, tricks, free research sites and helpful hands-on activities. We’ll help you discover the knowledge you need to grow your tree. You can read more about this course below.

2. The Unofficial Crash Course teaches you the expert techniques you need to make the most of the web’s most popular genealogy research site. Step-by-step lessons and hands-on activities help you find the records you’re looking for. You can read more about this course here.

3. The Genealogy Journey Plus gives you access to both the The Genealogy Journey course and the Ancestry Crash Course for one low combined price. 

Register using an option below to gain immediate access to the course materials. Start now and take as long as you need since your one-time payment grants you access forever. There are no reoccurring fees and prices are in US dollars.

Unofficial Ancestry Crash Course
Gain Access to 21 Online Lessons
Learn Expert Techniques for Using
Uncover the Records You Need
Learn to Use Ancestry's Advanced Tools
Make the Most of Your "Hints"
Avoid Common Traps and Pitfalls
Backup Your Tree and Records
Access Ancestry's Free Collections
The Genealogy Journey
Immediate Access to 65 Lessons
Genealogy Beginners Guide
Find 125+ Free Research Sites
Learn the Secrets of Google for Genealogy
Tackle Family Mysteries
Break Down Your Brick Walls
Research Specialized Topics
Uncover No-Cost International Research Options
Use DNA for Genealogy Research
+ Publish Your Research as a Blog Add-On (upcoming)
The Genealogy Journey Plus
Immediate Access to the 65 Main Lessons + the 21 Lessons in the Ancestry Crash Course
Genealogy Beginners Guide
Find 125+ Free Research Sites
Learn the Secrets of Google for Genealogy
Tackle Family Mysteries
Break Down Your Brick Walls
Research Specialized Topics
Uncover No-Cost International Research Options
Use DNA for Genealogy Research
+ Publish Your Research as a Blog Add-On (upcoming)
+ The Unofficial Crash Course ($69 value)


Do you know the answers to these common genealogy questions? 

  • How can I find more information about my ancestors via Google?
  • I can’t find a certain record! What am I doing wrong?
  • Are there really billions of truly free records online? If so, how can I locate them?
  • Is there a proven system for breaking down brick walls that I can use on my own tree?
  • I have been doing research for 10+ years, what new methods and resources can I try?
  • How can I locate an ancestor who seems to have disappeared from the records altogether?
  • What’s the best place to locate free military records online?
  • Do I have Native American, Mayflower or royal ancestry? How can I find out?
  • My family has this mysterious story…how can I prove if it’s correct?
  • Are there any special online research databases for immigrant ancestors?
  • What’s the easiest way to organize my genealogy research online?
  • How can I use DNA to expand my genealogy research and connect with relatives?
  • Are there ways to research my African American roots?
  • What’s the best no-cost way to research ancestors that came from overseas?
  • Are there any free genealogy tools I should know about?

You’ll find the answers to these questions, and many more, in our course. See a breakdown of our lessons in The Genealogy Journey below.



Section 1: Let's Get Started

Introduction to the course, basic genealogy help and how-to guides, a discussion about your research and a guide to free genealogy research.

6 Lessons

Section 2: Tackle Family Mysteries

Learn how to tackle tough questions in your tree effectively with this unique step-by-step process and hands-on activities.

5 Lessons

Section 3: The Secrets of Google Search

Learn the advanced search tricks you need to uncover your ancestors’ details through Google and discover free tools for genealogy research.

6 Lessons

Section 4: Free Research Sites Part 1

Find access to free genealogy research sites for the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Scotland and more – as well as specialized Jewish resources.

6 Lessons

Bonus Section: Fun Research Challenges

Take five hands-on genealogy research challenges to help you step outside of your comfort zone and improve and grow your tree.

6 Lessons

Section 5: Free Research Sites Part 2

Find research sites for more countries in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and the BIG list of 125+ high-quality, free genealogy websites.

6 Lessons

Section 6: Break Down Your Brick Walls

A proven and highly detailed step-by-step brick wall strategy to help you solve the seemingly unsolvable puzzles in your tree. Plus a collection of quick tips you can apply immediately.

10 Lessons

Section 7: Free US Research Databases

Free databases and tips for African American and Native American research, immigration, the Revolution & Civil War, WWI & WWII, the census, special collections and often missed records.

10 Lessons

Section 8: Genetic Genealogy

The section will walk you through the ins and outs of using genetic genealogy to explore your past and grow your family tree.

7 Lessons

Section 9: Final Lessons

In this final section of the course you will find some hands-on lessons for researching offline as well as some closing reminders.

3 Lessons

How does this course work? The Genealogy Journey is a self-paced and self-directed online course designed to help you improve your genealogy skills by introducing you to advanced research techniques, little-used family history tricks, free research sites and more. Learn via easy to read lessons, hands-on activities, engaging discussions and helpful quizzes. The complete course includes 65+ main lessons. Plus, new lessons are on their way with our Publish Your Research as a Blog add-on. The Genealogy Journey Plus also includes the Ancestry Crash Course. You can read more about that here.

Who created this course? The course materials were created by the staff of the popular online genealogy magazine Family History Daily.

How long does the course take to complete? The course is structured to take approximately 8-12 weeks to complete. You can, however, take as long as you would like to complete the materials since you will have access to them forever.

Do I have to take part in discussions? Discussions are not a required component of the course. You can choose to take part in them or not as you see fit.

Is the course private? Yes, only those registered for the course can access the materials and take part in activities and discussions.

What countries are covered in the course? The course was designed so that most of the materials are applicable to research anywhere in the world. We have, however, included free research sites and resources by location as well. These countries include the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia and others. Some additional help is provided for research topics and groups with specialized databases available to them.

Is there any course support? Yes! You can contact support at any time for help with the materials or technical assistance. You will find instructions in the course.

Is there a course certificate? No, because this is a nonacademic course it does not provide certification. It is designed for hobbyists interested in improving their research skills.

Are prices in US dollars? Yes, prices shown are in US dollars.

Are there additional costs? The course price is a one-time fee, no additional charges will ever be made to your credit card and you will have access to the materials forever. No additional paid materials are needed for the course either since all research websites, resources and tools referenced in the course are free to use. The only exception is the Crash Course, which requires that you have access to that site (free trials and some free collections are available). That section is only included with The Genealogy Journey Plus or as a stand-alone course.

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