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10 Things You Should Never Do With an Old Photo + What to Do Instead

Old photos are a treasure indeed and, if you have one (or more), you want to be sure you keep your collection in the best possible condition for future generations to enjoy. We’ve gathered our ten best tips of what NOT to do with your old photographs so they survive to be treasured by your family’s next designated historian.

Intriguing Old Hospital and Asylum Records Can Be Researched Online for Free

Do you have a family tree mystery that might be solved by a medical record? I do. My grandfather had an aunt who immigrated from Norway to North Dakota in 1915. She was married in 1917 and our records show that her husband died around 1920. We cannot find records of her after her marriage in 1917, but oral family history says that she may have spent some time in an asylum.

Google’s Free App Could Revolutionize How We Preserve Family Photos and Records

PhotoScan uses your phone (or tablet’s) camera and flash to quickly scan a photo or document and then applies various filters to provide the best results — including glare reduction, cropping and perspective correction. Once photos or documents are scanned they can easily be stored in your Google Photos account (or anywhere else that you back up your photos) and can, of course, be saved to your family tree or shared with others.

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