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Ancestry TreeSync Ends, MacKiev’s FamilySync Takes its Place

There is big news today from Software MacKiev concerning Ancestry’s TreeSync® feature, a tool many researchers count on to sync their Ancestry family tree with their offline software. MacKiev has announced that as of March 29th at midnight (mountain time) Ancestry’s TreeSync feature will go offline forever. According to MacKiev it will be replaced by March …

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10 Things Family Historians Find the Most Annoying

OK, OK, we promise this article is all in good fun. After all, we genealogists are usually fairly easy-going folks, and goodness knows we’re patient — after all, we’ve waited ten whole years for the 1950 census! But, alas, sometimes even the best of us let things get under our skin (even if we know we shouldn’t).

Should Your Ancestry Tree Be Public or Private?

Public or private? This is one of the first decisions asks you to make when you create your family tree. Indicating your preferred sharing status is as simple as checking a box, but it’s not a trivial decision.

The 10 Hard Truths Every Family Historian Must Learn

If you’re just starting to build your family tree, or if you’ve simply put it aside due to frustration or defeat, listen up. You’re not alone in your family history challenges, and perhaps having a better understanding up front of what to expect down the road will help you overcome them. 

The Simple Steps to Take When You Inherit Family History Research

For a fledgling family historian, receiving a collection like this might seem like the perfect ready-made foundation from which to build new branches. Even the experienced genealogist would consider it a windfall. However, inheriting someone else’s genealogy research can be both a gift and a curse if not handled properly.