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Ancestry Isn't the Only Genealogy Site With Record Hints

Ancestry.com is famous for its hints - those little green leaves in your family tree that give you fact suggestions from records and other family trees. These hints are such an important part of research on Ancestry that people become members just to take advantage of them.

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Census Enumerator -- A Quick Guide to US Census Records for Genealogy

U.S. Census records offer a unique look into the past and a chance to discover valuable details about your family's history. Our quick guide for genealogy is designed to help beginner and intermediate family history researchers alike by addressing basic questions about using the census for genealogy research and providing detailed summaries of the information found in each census year.

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10 Free Genealogy Apps to Help You With Your Research

By Alexandra Mendez-Diez Technology has done a lot to make conducting our genealogical searches easier. There's the obvious boon of increased access to nearly limitless resources, but there are a great many other ways in which technology can aid our research - from organizing what we find to digitizing and storing copies of photos. And one of the best parts is that we aren't limited to using those tools only when we're sitting at home, not with ...

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By Lisa Lisson “No one is interested in my story.”  -- “Me? I was just a housewife.” -- “Our family did not do anything special.” -- “Our family never had much.” These are some of the responses I received when I began asking my grandmother (at the time in her late 80s) about her life and family history. So, I got a little sneaky. I pulled out the family photographs and asked her help in identifying the individuals. The stories began ...

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Can you download your family tree from Ancestry.com? The answer is yes. We see this question quite a bit so we thought we'd quickly show you how you can easily download a GEDCOM from Ancestry that you can use as a backup, or to import in to virtually any family tree program or family history tree website. It is important to note that because an Ancestry tree export produces a standard GEDCOM file, it will only contain textual data and not ...

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