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If you're one of the millions of people who received a DNA test kit for the holidays this year, you're probably pretty excited to send in your sample and receive your results. It's pretty thrilling, after all, to finally discover how much Irish you really are, or if Grandma Jane was right when she said you had a distant Native American ancestor. But, if you're not familiar with how these tests work you might also be feeling ...

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The Best Black Friday DNA Deals 2018 + Which Kit to Choose as a Gift - Gift Package

Hoping to score the very best deal on a DNA test this holiday season? We've rounded up all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts from the most trusted providers to make your job easier - including Ancestry, MyHeritage, 23andMe, FTDNA and Living DNA. Plus, we've included some help for choosing the best kit to gift.

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MyHeritage to End Free Ethnicity Reports

In mid 2017 we announced that genealogy subscription site MyHeritage would begin providing free ethnicity reports and cousin matches to anyone who uploaded their DNA. But good things can't last forever, and MyHeritage is ending the offer Dec 1st.

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What You Will and Will Not Learn From a DNA Test for Ancestry

As more and more people choose to test their DNA in an attempt to better understand their family's past, a lot of questions are popping up about what a genetic test can and can not tell you about your ancestry. In this article we'll go over some things you will learn by testing yourself, or your family members, and some things you won't be able to uncover unless you combine your results with traditional genealogy research.

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Why MyHeritage's DNA Upload May Be the Smartest Thing You Do for Your Research This Week_

At the end of May, MyHeritage announced a new 42 population Ethnicity Estimate, an improved version of the ancestry composition report that they have been offering to DNA test purchasers for over a year. Even more exciting, they also announced that anyone who uploads their raw DNA from another company will get this new report free of charge. At the time of this announcement I uploaded my own DNA data from Family Tree DNA to their system. ...

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No, DNA Testing is Not a Shortcut to Your Family's History

Genetic testing has made family history a topic of interest to more people than ever before. But it has also provided an easy deception. While modern ancestry tests do share fascinating information about a person's heritage, the results are only valuable, or accurate, within the context of family history research.

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Ancestry DNA Sales for Father's Day 2018

Looking for sales on DNA test kits for Father's Day? Or maybe you're just looking to score the best deal for yourself? Either way, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up all of the 2018 offers to help you take advantage of the low prices and give Dad the gift of his genetic past.

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