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Over 180 Million Irish Genealogy Records are Free Right Now

Saint Patrick’s Day is all about celebrating your Irish roots, and what better way to do it than by researching your ancestors from the Emerald Isle. Luckily, some big genealogy research sites have made more than 180 million Irish records free for a short time.

The 10 Best (Mostly Free) Scottish Genealogy Sites for Finding Your Ancestors

If you are lucky enough to be from Scotland, or are of Scottish descent, then you will love the plethora of records just waiting to be researched here (tha thu fortanach, gu dearbh). Scotland, with its majestic green mountains veiled by waves of mist, is such a wondrous place to behold! Let this guide to her online historical records lead you back in time to the land of your Highland or Lowland ancestors.

12 Genealogy Sites You Must Search If You Have UK Ancestors

The United Kingdom is truly an amazing place to discover your ancestors. Rich with history, each country’s heritage is unique to the land and its people. Whether your family is from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales you are sure to find heaps of records they left behind with the following resources to guide your way.

Why Getting to Know an Ancestor’s Location Can Be a Research Game Changer

As family history researchers we often get caught up exploring the people in our family tree and we forget to take into consideration the impact locations had on these people’s lives. But, often, location research can reveal as much or more about an ancestor as the vital records you’ve likely already collected.

The 10 Collections You Need to Know for Irish Genealogy Research

Irish genealogy research can be incredibly rewarding, especially if you know which online collections are most likely to help you find your ancestors. Genealogy records from Ireland are more abundant than you can imagine and many repositories offer free access.