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  1. 15 Genealogy Books You Can Read for Free With Kindle Unlimited

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    Amazon has a fairly expansive selection of genealogy books and a surprisingly large amount of them are available “free” to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. For the monthly price of $9.99, Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read an uncapped amount of books from the more than 700,000 choices available. While some of these books...
  2. DNA Testing for Ancestry: Some Basics for Genealogists

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    DNA testing for ancestry and genealogy is commonly used to help gain a better understanding of our deep and recent geographical roots, to verify or break down genealogical findings and family lore (ie “Do I have Native American ancestry?“) and to connect with unknown cousins who can help fill out...
  3. 4 Free Genealogy and History Sites You May Have Missed

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    Fantastic free sites for genealogists and history buffs are popping up every day. Here are a few of our recent favorites that you may have missed. Have other cool new family history sites to recommend? Share them in the comments!   StoryWorth This new website dedicated to helping anyone record...
  4. Google Image Search for Genealogy: How to Use Your Family Photos to Expand Your Research

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    Do you have an old family photo you cannot identify? Are you unsure of the time or place a photo was taken in? Perhaps you want to connect with others who are researching a specific ancestor you have an image of? Try using Google Image Search to aid you in your...
  5. Genealogy Books: 7 Top Family History Reads to Inform and Inspire

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    Genealogy books have long been a valuable part of family history research. Providing help and how-to on a huge range of topics, the best selections will take any genealogist on a journey of discovery. But with an ever growing assortment of online reference information for family historians it is easy...
  6. Many Ancestry Collections Free For Three Days

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    / / is offering totally free access to millions of records in their “Favorite Collections of 2013” now through Dec 29th. The free collections include those spanning four centuries and three continents–including 22 collections from the US and 19 from Europe. I was especially excited to see that they included some...
  7. Why Narrative Family History Is Best

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    New York Times columnist Bruce Feiler asked himself, “What is the secret sauce that holds a family together? What are the ingredients that make some families effective, resilient, happy?” The answers he discovered appeared in a piece in the Sunday Times titled The Stories That Bind Us. It should be...
  8. Four Reasons Not to Write Down Your Life Story

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    Most of my father’s life story is lost forever.  I always meant to write it down, and he always said he would do it—but when we finally made time to do it together, he died not long after we started.  I would give a king’s ransom to know more details...
  9. Family History Centers: Billions of Genealogical Records Are Closer Than You Think

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    Many of us have dreamed of making our way to the amazing Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. With genealogical records on more than 3 billion individuals this family history center hosts the largest collection of its kind found anywhere in the world. But what many of us don’t...
  10. Ancestry for Free: Genealogy Research Sites That Don’t Cost a Dime

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    Can you really research your ancestry for free? Yes you can! Most seasoned genealogists know that there are an ever growing number of free family history resources online–but it is easy for beginners to get overwhelmed trying to find quality resources and end up turning to just one or two...

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