Genealogy Humor: 10 Comic Finds That Made Us Laugh Out Loud

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Genealogy Humor: 10 Comic Finds That Made Us Laugh Out Loud

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There’s a lot of hilarious genealogy humor floating around the internet these days—here are the ten that made us laugh the loudest. Which one is your favorite?



 1. How We Will Be Remembered (from ShoeBoxBlog)

genelaogy humor, grandfather emails

 2. General Relativity is Easier to Grasp Than Genealogy (saw it on Adventures in Genealogy)

family history humor

3. The Humorous Truth About Family Historians

genealogy humor, genealogists

4. My Family History is Finally Complete! (not)

genealogy humor everything is done

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5. Family History Secrets (you know you have them)

genealogy humor related parents

6. Genealogist on Board

genealogy humor stay back 100 years

7. Remembering a Better Time (from Zazzle)

family history humor genealogy on the internet

8. Leave No Stone Unturned? (from the Jamie Ansford Genealogy Gift Guide)

genealogy humor no stone unturned

9. Before Google (was there ever a time?)

genealogy humor prehistoric googling

10. A Moment of Pride in the Family Tree


Featured image credit: It’s Enough to Make a Horse Laugh, c1896, Library of Congress

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