15 Genealogy Books You Can Read for Free With Kindle Unlimited

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15 Genealogy Books You Can Read for Free With Kindle Unlimited

Ongoing education is one of the keys to productive genealogy research. Whether you’re taking a fun online family history course like The Genealogy Journey or curling up with some new genealogy books — you’ll be surprised how much there is to learn in the ever-changing world of modern family history research.

One of our favorite ways to access genealogy books at a reasonable cost (besides our local library) is via Kindle Unlimited.

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Amazon has a very good selection of genealogy books and a surprisingly large amount of them are available “free” to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. For the monthly price of $9.99 (after free trial), Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read an uncapped amount of books from the more than 700,000 choices available. While some of these books would cost only a few dollars if purchased outright, others cost enough to justify paying for an entire month of the service by themselves.

Kindle Unlimited can be especially valuable if you like to have access to a large variety of research material, but don’t want to commit to spending hundreds of dollars at once to build your library, or if you enjoy genealogy focused fiction books that you’ll go through quickly. We’ve put together a list of the most popular and interesting reads in the family history category, as well as some helpful information on how to access these books for “free” with a new or existing subscription.

How do I access genealogy books for “free” with a Kindle Unlimited subscription?

You do not need a Kindle device to access books through Kindle Unlimited (unlike with a Prime membership). This is a real plus for those who would rather read on their mobile phone, tablet or computer or who do not own a Kindle device. Once subscribed to the service (get a 30 day free trial here), you simply select the “read for free” button on any qualifying book to download it to your kindle, computer or phone.


To read on anything other than a Kindle device, you will need the free kindle reading app. It’s easy to use and available for just about every device. However, if you would like to enjoy your books on a dedicated reader, you may want to consider investing in Kindle. Kindle readers, like the excellent Paperwhite, are a wonderful way to enjoy digital content without the digital feel. The screens on these devices mimic paper and reduce eye strain considerably.

15 Genealogy Books You Can Read for Free With Kindle Unlimited

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Top Image: $2,500,000 in rare books acquired for Folger Library. Washington, D.C., May 14 1938, Library of Congress

Originally published in Sept 2014 and updated for 2016

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    this is perfect timing for the holiday season for the genealogist on your list. Thanks for compiling this list for Kindle users, that make it easier to read many in one sitting. The 101 best genealogy websites would be an interesting read to see which sites they picked. Again, thanks for compiling this great list for holiday gift giving!

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