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12 Genealogy Sites You Must Search If You Have UK Ancestors

The United Kingdom is truly an amazing place to discover your ancestors. Rich with history, each country’s heritage is unique to the land and its people. Whether your family is from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales you are sure to find heaps of records they left behind with the following resources to guide your way.

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RootsFinder -This Free Clipper Tool Makes Adding Records to Your Family Tree Way Easier - Old Documents

Family History Daily recently reviewed the free family tree site RootsFinder, because its modern design and robust functionality makes it a great choice for anyone in the market for a new place to store their research. One of the features of RootsFinder that really stands out is its Web Clipper, an extension that works with your browser to extract genealogical records from other websites and copy them to your RootsFinder family tree. This extension is free and...

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Chinese Genealogy Research, Chinese family in Honolulu, Hawaii 1893

The story of Chinese immigrants in America is one of hardship, struggle, perseverance, and solidarity. Although a good deal of Chinese immigration to the US has taken place more recently, it can be traced all the way back to the 1820s. This guide to researching your Chinese ancestry will help you gain an understanding of the history of this migration and discover techniques and free resources for exploring your own family's past. 

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Intriguing Old Hospital and Asylum Records Can Be Researched Online for Free

Do you have a family tree mystery that might be solved by a medical record? I do. My grandfather had an aunt who immigrated from Norway to North Dakota in 1915. She was married in 1917 and our records show that her husband died around 1920. We cannot find records of her after her marriage in 1917, but oral family history says that she may have spent some time in an asylum.

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Some time ago, you decided that you wanted to know more about yourself and your family history beyond what the paper trail revealed, so you purchased a DNA kit. Like me, you likely had a number of questions answered and were faced with a surprise or two. If you're the curious type (and you probably are because you're reading this article!), you now have even more questions about your DNA results and genetic genealogy in general. Perhaps you're...

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