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10 Free Genealogy Sites: A Handy Infographic

As some of our regular readers may know, we get many questions each week about how to find free genealogy sites on the web. New family historians can get overwhelmed looking for research options, and end up only using sites like Ancestry to research their ancestors.

And while and other paid sites are certainly very valuable resources for genealogists, they are only a small part of the picture.

There are many free genealogy sites available to help you track down the information you need. Of course, only you can determine the best sites for your own family history research—but we thought it would be useful to share 10 of our favorites. Enjoy!

Please note: StoryWorth (#8 on the graphic below) is only free for the first month. We included it because it is such a unique and helpful service, and because they do not ask for a credit card to be placed on file to take advantage of the free time. You can use that free month to collect stories from family and then save those stories to your files, which we think is a nice offering to genealogists.

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10 Free Genealogy Sites We Love

10 Free Genealogy Sites

Image: “John H. Smith of the House Document room is shown here filing a bill,” 1937 or 1938, Library of Congress

7 thoughts on “10 Free Genealogy Sites: A Handy Infographic”

  1. Heloisa Helena dos Santos

    My grandfather name Jose Rodrigues dos Santos
    My grandmother – Anna Saraiva de Jesus . Were born in Portugal betwen 1878 1884 .
    Got married in Brazil 1906
    They licved in Rio de Janeiro –

  2. Ruth M Lloyd Swinerton

    I am looking forward to using these free sights to continue with my research–
    am researching Lloyd’s;, Lusk’s ; Swinerton’s ; MAtteson’s ; Warren’s;’ Cartland’s ; Hayden’s ; and many others who seem to be connected to these

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