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Genealogy Roadshow Season 2 Premiers January 13th

Whether you loved or hated the uniquely delivered first season of Genealogy Roadshow, they’re back for another go of it on Jan 13th on PBS. They’ll be visiting the fascinating cities of New Orleans, St. Louis and Philadelphia this year and talking with everyday people to uncover their family mysteries.

A good deal of negative feedback for the show’s first season no doubt left them wondering how they could improve the experience however–so expect some change in the focus and delivery. Here’s what they have to say about Season 2.

Genealogy Roadshow is turning it up a notch this season and traveling to new cities and sharing more compelling, more mysterious, and more diverse stories then ever before.

Genealogy Roadshow will continue to enlist members of the public and PBS’s viewing audience to help connect them to their individual pasts. Our genealogists will dive further into the research of each participant and properly illustrate the process of how to put the pieces of the people’s life puzzle back together.

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Watch a sneak peek and grab more information about the show here.

2 thoughts on “Genealogy Roadshow Season 2 Premiers January 13th”

  1. Didn’t see the first season but I have read that this time the show is better. Well, after viewing it last week, all I can say is: What a disappointment this show turned out to be. Maybe the stories are fascinating, as some blogs say, but I was too bored to stick around to find out. The hosts and guests clearly are not fascinating. The hosts are devoid of any hint of charisma and the guests are uninteresting. Genealogy is a great subject for a program, and Finding Your Roots kept me engrossed week after week. But this one has to be the most boring program on PBS. I’m glad it will be ending in Feb. or so I have read. It will be nice to once again be a PBS Tuesday primetime viewer, assuming the new program will keep me awake…instead of putting me to sleep when I’m not even tired.

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