Please note that this page no longer offers a free genealogy search, please see our articles about free research instead.

Looking for a simple way to search millions of records from dozens of genealogy websites in one place? This free genealogy search engine allows you to quickly locate documents for your family tree on a wide variety of large research sites, in state and regional archives and on government record pages.

We’ve utilized Google’s powerful search engine to provide a custom search that ONLY returns results from genealogy research sites with access to free records. We update this engine regularly with new sites.

You will find birth, death, marriage and immigration records, archived newspapers, national archives, censuses, family books, biographies and much more. We have made every effort to make sure that the sites searched by this engine are 100% free. However, some may ask you to sign up for free access and others may link to additional resources that cost a fee. Please keep that in mind when searching.

To increase your chance of finding a match for your ancestors try multiple searches and use operators such as quotations for exact results (“James Weston”) and a minus sign to remove terms you do not want to include (-Oakwood).

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