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The Complete Guide to U.S. State Census Records by Year

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, many U.S. states conducted their own censuses. These schedules were taken in the space between the decades and are packed with information. In this guide you will find details about what these important documents contain, as well as a full list of every single state census and where you can search them for yourself.

2 of the Top 3 Paid Genealogy Sites Offer Millions of Records for Free

Genealogy is an endless treasure hunt and, if you’re not careful, you can spend a lot of your own treasure building your family tree. Subscriptions to the popular paid genealogy sites like Ancestry and MyHeritage can cost hundreds of dollars a year. That’s why, when you discover your fourth-great-grandmother for free, it truly feels like you’ve stuck gold! And it’s why we are all about mining the vast genealogy resources on the internet for free records.

12 Genealogy Sites You Must Search If You Have UK Ancestors

The United Kingdom is truly an amazing place to discover your ancestors. Rich with history, each country’s heritage is unique to the land and its people. Whether your family is from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales you are sure to find heaps of records they left behind with the following resources to guide your way.

Absolutely Free Genealogy Research Sites for Every Single U.S. State

Digital documents form the backbone of modern genealogy research. Whether it’s shared family trees, scanned photos, or official documents, there is always new data to be explored. The hardest part remains, however, in finding free resources. Luckily, many U.S. states have put a good deal of effort into making their records freely accessible online.

This Tool Makes it Easier Than Ever to Find Free Genealogy Research Sites

This post is outdated, doGenealogy has been discontinued. Please see our free genealogy section for help with resources. Over the last couple of years, Family History Daily has published numerous articles about where and how to locate free genealogy resources. And now, we’ve created a tool that makes finding these free family history research sites …

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10 Free Canadian Genealogy Websites

Genealogy is all about names, events and dates, and Canadian genealogy is no different. All the websites listed below are free, and they cover a wide variety of genealogical subjects in Canada.