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Ended: Ancestry is Offering 50% Off Memberships for the New Year

This deal from has ended. You can find regular prices and start an Ancestry free trial here instead.

Please know that we have partnered with many genealogy organizations, including Ancestry, to bring you help, news and special offers and may earn money to support our work if you choose to take advantage of this deal. 

Ancestry is following up on the extremely popular 50% off flash sale they ran in November with a similar offer for the New Year. From Dec 29th, 2017 to Jan 7th, 2018 new subscribers can grab a 6 month U.S. Discovery membership for half off and a 6 month World Explorer Membership for 30% off.

Unlike the flash sale in November, this offer does not include the All Access Membership (a package that includes Ancestry, Fold3 and, is only for new subscribers (current members cannot renew at this price, but those with lapsed subscriptions usually can) and is only valid on 6 month memberships.

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Still, it is a good deal if you plan to use Ancestry’s records for your research this year. Those who purchased Ancestry DNA kits will also benefit greatly from having a record subscription when their results come back, since genealogical research is integral to truly understanding your genetic past.

Here’s a breakdown of what is being offered as part of the New Year deal.

U.S. Discovery 50% Off – Includes unlimited access to all U.S. records. This is a good option for those on a tight budget who will be primarily researching their ancestors within the United States. Normally $99 for 6 months, get it for $49 right now.

World Explorer 30% Off – Includes unlimited access to all U.S. and international records. This is the best deal if you have a bit more to spend. Although the percentage saved is not as much as with the U.S. Discovery Membership, you will get access to records from the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and many other countries. Normally $149 for 6 months – get it for $99 right now. 

Remember that this discount is only for those without a current subscription. If you have never held a membership, or had a subscription in the past and would like to start your research with Ancestry again, this offer should be available to you.

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Ancestry 50% Off New Year 2018

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13 thoughts on “Ended: Ancestry is Offering 50% Off Memberships for the New Year”

  1. Your family tree information will be just as you left it. I subscribe for just a few weeks or a few months at a time, then cancel my subscription before it renews. You can still see & manage your tree & even still get hints (although you cannot review the hints). If you subscribe again a few months or so later then all the information you put in is still there.

  2. Question please if you allow your subscription to lapse and then renew at a later date is your family tree infomation still available or do you have to re- all your data again enter.

  3. Well, if you let your membership “lapse” for a day, you become a “lapsed member” and then get the 50% off deal. That’s what I did a few days ago. One year UK…$109. What a great deal!!

  4. I agree with all the posts about giving existing members Loyalty discount s.No response from Ancestry I notice .

  5. Like many memberships once they have you they just take without any other offer. Why not special discounts after set periods of continuous membership? I approached another site about the cost and they called me direct and discussed my options and gave me a discount.

  6. Good grief, I have been a member for so many years and I never get a discount. Totally not right to all your loyal customers. I’m a senior on a very tight budget and they said no the one time I asked. Shame on y’all.

  7. Sally Torrrence Thomas

    I agree with Wanda. We are penalized for our loyalty by not allowing us to benefit by this sale. We do much marketing for Ancestry by steering our friends to your site and Ancestry’s DNA tests. I guess we would be better off by allowing our subscriptions to lapse and then rejoining during a sale.

  8. I would like this kind of discount!! Being a long time Ancestry member why not offer this savings to members!!!!!

  9. This is unfair to those who are and have been paying full price, why not offer your loyal customers something for putting up with all your down time.

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