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While just about all of us have used Ancestry.com at some point, very few have really uncovered everything they can from Ancestry's massive databases. With so many records and resources it is incredibly easy for vital records to get buried. You might be surprised by how many brick walls are broken down and "missing" records located by utilizing a new set of advanced tips and search tricks.

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Ancestry 4th of July Sale

​This deal from Ancestry.com has ended. You can find their regular prices and start an Ancestry 14 day free trial here instead. Ancestry.com is offering 40% off all of its subscriptions for the 4th of July  - a very uncommon discount from the leader in genealogy research. The sale ends at 11:59 PM ET on July 4th, 2018 and is only for those without a current subscription. Please know that we have partnered with Ancestry to bring you information ...

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Ancestry.com Has Tens of Thousands of Invisible Records You Can't Find by Searching

Many people are unaware of the fact that not all of Ancestry's records show up in search. A surprising number of collections have not been indexed and are therefore virtually invisible to the everyday user of the site. These browse-only collections, as they are known, need to be purposely sought out if you want to take advantage of the records they contain. Some collections have been on Ancestry's site for years and are still not searchable, while ...

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Why General Genealogy Searches Are NOT the Best Way to Find Your Ancestors

The first thing most family history researchers do when they encounter a genealogy website is to begin searching for their ancestors in the general (main) search form provided by the site - which is often located on the homepage or in another easily accessible area. All large genealogy research sites center around these main search forms which are designed, generally, to look for records in all searchable collections at one time. General search forms that dig through ...

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There is big news today from Software MacKiev concerning Ancestry's TreeSync® feature, a tool many researchers count on to sync their Ancestry family tree with their offline software. MacKiev has announced that as of March 29th at midnight (mountain time) Ancestry's TreeSync feature will go offline forever. According to MacKiev it will be replaced by March 31st with their new sync solution FamilySync. But there is a big catch - the new FamilySync will only work with Family ...

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