Beginner Genealogy Research Help

Plan a Family Reunion in Just 7 Days With This Simple Guide

If you’ve been hoping to gather your family (or distant genetic cousins) together for a reunion, now’s the time. The majority of family reunions, 65.8% in fact, are held in the summer when vacation time, outdoor venues and easier travel  make the process simpler for everyone. But planning a family reunion can seem like a truly monumental task. This simple guide will help you break down the steps and arrange your get together in just one week. Get ready for an adventure!

Ancestry Isn’t the Only Site With Record Hints is famous for its hints – those little green leaves in your family tree that give you fact suggestions from records and other family trees. These hints are such an important part of research on Ancestry that people become members just to take advantage of them.

How to Easily Move Your Family Tree From (or To) Ancestry, MyHeritage or FindMyPast

Although this information may seem simple, it is not always obvious to beginners how this process works. Kimberly Tucker has taken the time to go over how to download your tree from the big three subscription sites – Ancestry, MyHeritage and FindMyPast – and has also provided links to some additional instructions for other programs.

The Ultimate Quick Reference Guide to the U.S. Census for Genealogy

U.S. Census records offer a unique look into the past and a chance to discover valuable details about your family’s history. Our quick guide for genealogy is designed to help beginner and intermediate family history researchers alike by addressing basic questions about using the census for genealogy research and providing detailed summaries of the information found in each census year.