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In 1752, 11 Calendar Days Were Lost Forever Here's What Happened - Old Clock

One of the most confounding date-related events ever in history, and one that regularly impacts genealogical researchers, is the calendar change of 1752. While we can all be incredibly glad that our ancestors had the foresight to correct calculation errors that would allow for more accurate calendars for generations to come - the change can certainly cause some confusion.

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As you dive deeper into your family history you will likely run across terminology that you have not seen before or that you may not fully understand. Even those of us who have made history a profession will sometimes run across terms that are no longer used or that have a specific application that's unfamiliar. This guide explores confusing military terms from the Civil War and the American Revolution to help you with your genealogy research.

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How to Use Your Existing DNA Test to Get a Low Cost Genetic Health Report

Here at Family History Daily we've covered DNA testing for genealogy research pretty extensively, but we've always focused on ancestry reports, not health reports. This is because we've always felt that the genetic "health" information provided today, which is still very much in its infancy, could be taken out of context and possibly cause distress and confusion to some users. In fact, some data offered by certain websites seems designed to mislead.

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Most genealogists use federal census records on a regular basis. Few resources are, after all, as packed full of information and as easy to access as a census. And, while we all know that the details found in a census can often be incorrect, this helpful record collection has become a family history staple for good reason. No other resource recorded details about our ancestor's lives in such a frequent and predictable way and, often times, the federal census may seem ...

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