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RootsFinder -This Free Clipper Tool Makes Adding Records to Your Family Tree Way Easier - Old Documents

Family History Daily recently reviewed the free family tree site RootsFinder, because its modern design and robust functionality makes it a great choice for anyone in the market for a new place to store their research. One of the features of RootsFinder that really stands out is its Web Clipper, an extension that works with your browser to extract genealogical records from other websites and copy them to your RootsFinder family tree. This extension is free and ...

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Are You Making the Direct-Line Mistake in Your Family Tree?

One of the most common research mistakes that family historians make when building their tree (especially for the first time) is also one of the most limiting and potentially detrimental. We like to call it the Direct-Line Mistake, and its effect on your research is pretty huge.

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Another Person's Family Tree is Not a Valid Source - Woman Researching at Her Laptop

Several popular genealogy research sites have made it far too easy to find, skim and add another person's family tree data to our own - citing only the tree as a source. But this practice can cause inaccurate trees and other major problems for researchers.

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In 1752, 11 Calendar Days Were Lost Forever Here's What Happened - Old Clock

One of the most confounding date-related events ever in history, and one that regularly impacts genealogical researchers, is the calendar change of 1752. While we can all be incredibly glad that our ancestors had the foresight to correct calculation errors that would allow for more accurate calendars for generations to come - the change can certainly cause some confusion.

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As you dive deeper into your family history you will likely run across terminology that you have not seen before or that you may not fully understand. Even those of us who have made history a profession will sometimes run across terms that are no longer used or that have a specific application that's unfamiliar. This guide explores confusing military terms from the Civil War and the American Revolution to help you with your genealogy research.

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