Genetic Genealogy

How to Save Money on DNA Testing: Get the Best Deal and Take Advantage of Free Reports

DNA testing for genealogy is more common than ever, but it’s also expensive. Although we’ve seen prices drop quite a bit in recent years the cost is still too much for many to justify. If you’ve been holding off on testing your own DNA, or on expanding your testing to relatives whose information may help your research, the information in this article will help you overcome this cost-hurdle.

MyHeritage is Offering Free DNA Ethnicity Reports to All Uploaders

MyHeritage has announced that they have released an updated 42 population Ethnicity Estimate and are offering it free to anyone who uploads their DNA. MyHeritage has been accepting free uploads of DNA and providing matching for some time but, until now, ethnicity reports were only available to those who purchased a MyHeritage DNA test. Now anyone who has already tested with Family Tree DNA, AncestryDNA or 23andMe can upload raw data to MyHeritage and get the Ethnicity Estimate without cost. Find the upload link and instructions in this article.

A DNA Test for Ancestry is the Perfect Last Minute Holiday Gift

With the holidays on the horizon top DNA testing companies MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA and Ancestry are celebrating with discounts on their tests.  If you’re hoping to score a deal (or buy multiple tests as gifts) this is a great time to do it. You’ll find links for the best deals below.

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