Genetic Genealogy

What You Will and Will Not Learn by Taking a DNA Test for Ancestry

As more and more people choose to test their DNA in an attempt to better understand their family’s past, a lot of questions are popping up about what a genetic test can and can not tell you about your ancestry. In this article we’ll go over some things you will learn by testing yourself, or your family members, and some things you won’t be able to uncover unless you combine your results with traditional genealogy research.

MyHeritage’s Free DNA Upload Can Help You Grow Your Tree: Here’s How

At the end of May, MyHeritage announced a new 42 population Ethnicity Estimate, an improved version of the ancestry composition report that they have been offering to DNA test purchasers for over a year. Even more exciting, they also announced that anyone who uploads their raw DNA from another company will get this new report free of charge. At the time of this announcement I uploaded my own DNA data from Family Tree DNA to their system. What I discovered when my reports and matches came in really surprised me.

DNA Testing is Not a Shortcut to Your Family’s History

Genetic testing has made family history a topic of interest to more people than ever before. But it has also provided an easy deception. While modern ancestry tests do share fascinating information about a person’s heritage, the results are only valuable, or accurate, within the context of family history research.

The Best DNA Kit Sales for Father’s Day 2018

Looking for sales on DNA test kits for Father’s Day? Or maybe you’re just looking to score the best deal for yourself? Either way, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up all of the 2018 offers to help you take advantage of the low prices and give Dad the gift of his genetic past.

Which Genealogy DNA Test is the Best? A Detailed Comparison Guide to Help You Decide

Ready to take an ancestry DNA test to better understand your family’s past, but aren’t sure which one to choose? You’re not alone. Several excellent DNA tests for genealogy are now available for a reasonable cost, but picking the right one for you can be very confusing. What are the differences between each DNA test …

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The Top 4 DNA Ancestry Reports Shown Side by Side: See How Results from the Same Person Compare

If you’ve ever hoped that you could see the actual ancestry reports from these DNA companies before you purchased a kit or uploaded your raw data, you’re in luck. Today, in an effort to help you better understand how different results compare from test to test for one individual, we are going to show you actual screenshots of ethnicity reports from each of the top four kits side by side.

How to Use Your Existing DNA Test to Get a Low-Cost Genetic Health Report

Here at Family History Daily we’ve covered DNA testing for genealogy research pretty extensively, but we’ve always focused on ancestry reports, not health reports. This is because we’ve always felt that the genetic “health” information provided today, which is still very much in its infancy, could be taken out of context and possibly cause distress and confusion to some users. In fact, some data offered by certain websites seems designed to mislead.

23andMe is Offering Free DNA Ancestry Reports to Uploaders Today Only: Here’s How

This offer from 23andMe has ended. You can still upload your DNA to MyHeritage for free however. For the first time ever, genetic testing company 23andMe is allowing individuals to upload raw DNA data in exchange for a free Ancestry Composition Report, cousin matching and some health reports. But the offer is only good until …

23andMe is Offering Free DNA Ancestry Reports to Uploaders Today Only: Here’s How Read More »

Genetic Test Prices Drop to as Low as $49 for DNA Day 2018

April 25th marks National DNA Day, which celebrates the discovery of the double helix in 1953 and the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. The National Human Genome Research Institute explains that “The goal of National DNA Day is to offer students, teachers and the public an opportunity to learn about and celebrate the latest advances in genomic research and explore how those advances might impact their lives.”