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Were Your Ancestors Affected by Disaster? This Site Will Help You Uncover Their Stories

Family History is about more than just finding the names and important dates of those that came before us, it is a quest to discover the narratives of our ancestors lives. But finding that information can be difficult and sometimes requires creative solutions, such as reviewing old newspapers or examining historical events that affected large populations. That’s why a unique website like GenDisasters.com is such an invaluable free resource. 

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Needs Your Help Researching Old Newspapers

On March 22, 1933 The State in Columbia, South Carolina ran an article titled “Treatment of Jews by German Regime Stirs Washington” about the first Nazi concentration camp, Dachau. This early article covering the horrors of the Holocaust was one of countless published by U.S. papers in the 1930s and 40s. And now, a project from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is attempting to find them all.

Searching for Lost Family: These Heartbreaking Ads by Former Slaves Are a Vital Genealogy Resource

Last Seen is a genealogy resource that is as heartbreaking as it is hopeful. Here you can search for personal ads, typically with the headline “Information Wanted,” that former slaves posted in newspapers around the United States and Canada in search of their children, parents, siblings, and friends who had been sold away before the end of slavery. These short newspaper clippings are transcribed for ease of searching and offer some amazing genealogical information. They also pack an emotional wallop!

This Revealing Newspaper Section May Hold Fascinating Details About Your Ancestors

Newspapers from the past can provide critical clues about our ancestors’ lives. As a family historian, you’ve likely spent some time searching old newspapers for birth and marriage announcements, as well as obituaries. The information from such sections often include details that can be hard (or impossible) to find anywhere else. But historical newspapers are so much …

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