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  1. Why Narrative Family History Is Best

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    New York Times columnist Bruce Feiler asked himself, “What is the secret sauce that holds a family together? What are the ingredients that make some families effective, resilient, happy?” The answers he discovered appeared in a piece in the Sunday Times titled The Stories That Bind Us. It should be...
  2. LitvakSIG is Participating in the 33rd Annual IAJGS Conference

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    Thank you to Eden Joachim, President of LitvakSIG, for this announcement.  LitvakSIG is the Special Interest Group (SIG) devoted to Lithuanian (Litvak) – Jewish genealogy, heritage and family history. Our website is  Our All Lithuania Database (ALD) containing 1.2 million records is freely searchable, as is our Shtetl Database. Our website has...
  3. The Dawes Act Turns 126 Years Old: Discovering Native American Ancestors

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    On February 8th 1887… the Dawes Act, also known as the General Allotment Act, gave authorization to the President of the United States to survey Native American lands for allotment to individuals. The stated objective of the Dawes Act was to stimulate assimilation of Indians into American society. Individual ownership of...
  4. Somewhat Mysterious Artifact: Do You Know What This Is?

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    I was skimming through my Google Alerts late last night and came across a link with an intriguing title “Does anyone know what this artifact is? PLEASE HELP!?” Of course, I couldn’t help but follow the link and found it was a plea from a student looking for some help...

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