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How a Family Group Sheet Could Become Your Secret Research Weapon - South Carolina Family c1914

If you're not sure what a family group sheet is, or you've never gotten around to using one in your genealogy research, you're not alone. While the concept of a family group sheet is about as basic as it gets, not every family historian out there has had the chance to embrace this clever method of research and organization.

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MyHeritage has announced a new genealogy tool that will allow its DNA users to more easily discover how they may be related to their genetic matches. This technology, called the Theory of Family Relativity™, uses family tree information and historical records from a variety of sources to attempt to find and display a common ancestor for matching individuals in the MyHeritage DNA database.

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20 Things Your Ancestors Did That You Probably Never Will Albert Martin (father of Garnett Martin) with old sow on Martin farm, Fernleigh.

Some folks yearn for the “good old days,” when times were simpler. But just because your ancestors lacked the hectic, technology-driven lifestyles we lead today doesn’t mean they had it easy. Luckily, some of the more complicated, strenuous, and dangerous tasks they endured are now obsolete.

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5 Genealogy Tasks That Should Be On Your To-Do List in 2019

Hoping to get your research organized and achieve more in 2019, but are unsure just what to focus on? We've got some suggestions that just might help you take your family history to the next level. Consider picking one or more of these important tasks and adding them to your to-do list this year.

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