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Were Your Ancestors in the Poor House Here's How to Find Out

Back before the days of welfare, food stamps, and long-term disability insurance, people who were unable to support themselves financially sometimes had to live in these places. This article will explain what poor houses and poor farms were and how to find your ancestors who may have lived there.

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Genealogy Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

By Patricia Hartley Perhaps you’ve been wondering what you could possibly buy for the genealogist or family historian on your list. We understand your frustration. Although genealogy is one of the most popular hobbies in the United States, if you’re not ancestry-obsessed yourself it can be a challenge to know what to buy. So we’ve gathered some of the most secretly wished-for genealogy gifts - plus some surprises your roots researcher may not even know he or...

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3 Signs You Should Scrap Your Family Tree and Start from Scratch

Often, when we first begin our research, we really don't know what we're doing and make a lot of mistakes. We forget to verify connections between generations, we don't always add sources, we copy from other people's trees... And then, somewhere down the line, we aren't exactly sure what's fact and what's fiction anymore. Here are 3 signs it's time to start over.

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MyHeritage to End Free Ethnicity Reports

In mid 2017 we announced that genealogy subscription site MyHeritage would begin providing free ethnicity reports and cousin matches to anyone who uploaded their DNA. But good things can't last forever, and MyHeritage is ending the offer Dec 1st.

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What You Will and Will Not Learn From a DNA Test for Ancestry

As more and more people choose to test their DNA in an attempt to better understand their family's past, a lot of questions are popping up about what a genetic test can and can not tell you about your ancestry. In this article we'll go over some things you will learn by testing yourself, or your family members, and some things you won't be able to uncover unless you combine your results with traditional genealogy research.

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While just about all of us have used at some point, very few have really uncovered everything they can from Ancestry's massive databases. With so many records and resources it is incredibly easy for vital records to get buried. You might be surprised by how many brick walls are broken down and "missing" records located by utilizing a new set of advanced tips and search tricks.

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