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5 Fiction Book Series Family Historians Are Sure to Love

There are many wonderful books on the market to help family historians with everything from understanding genetic genealogy to citing sources. But there are also a number of interesting fiction books with a genealogical theme.

The list below includes five fiction books series with a family history focus we can’t help feeling like you’ll enjoy. No surprise, most of them are mysteries!

5 Fiction Book Series Genealogists are Sure to Love

We have linked to the Kindle versions of these genealogy-focused fiction books, but some are also available as paperbacks.

Please know that Family History Daily is an affiliate of Amazon.com and we may earn a commission to support our work if you choose to purchase any of the books after following a link on this page.

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All of these books are currently eligible for Kindle Unlimited – which is a reading subscription service from Amazon that costs about $10 per month. If you already have this subscription you will be able to read these series at no additional cost. If you do not you can get 30 days free or buy the books individually.


The Irish Inheritance Jayne Sinclair Genealogical Mysteries

1. The Jayne Sinclair Genealogical Mysteries

By M J Lee

From Book 1, The Irish Inheritance:

Jayne Sinclair has only three clues to help her: a photocopied birth certificate, a stolen book and an old photograph. And it soon becomes apparent somebody else is on the trail of the mystery. A killer who will stop at nothing to prevent Jayne discovering the secret hidden in the past.

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There are four books in this series and a box set is offered of the first three.  Find the first in the series here.


Hiding the Past A Genealogical Crime Mystery

2. The Forensic Genealogist Series

By Nathan Dylan Goodwin

From Book 1, Hiding the Past:

Peter Coldrick had no past; that was the conclusion drawn by years of personal and professional research. Then he employed the services of one Morton Farrier, Forensic Genealogist – a stubborn, determined man who uses whatever means necessary to uncover the past. With the Coldrick Case, Morton faces his toughest and most dangerous assignment yet, where all of his investigative and genealogical skills are put to the test.

There are currently seven books in this series, which include such intriguing titles as The Wicked Trade and The Suffragette’s Secret. Find the first book here.


Three Times Removed The Genealogy Detectives

3. The Genealogy Detectives Series

By M. K. Jones

From Book 1, Three Times Removed:

Maggie Gilbert and her children, Jack and Alice, live a pretty normal life. That is, until Maggie starts looking into her family tree. In doing so, she uncovers a dark mystery that endangers her children. She has to solve a mystery in the past, if she is to save her family in the present. 

There are currently two books in this series, Three Times Removed and Line of Descent. Find the first book in the series here.


In the Blood Jefferson Taytle Genealogical Mystery

4. Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mysteries

By Steve Robinson

From Book 1, In the Blood

Two hundred years ago a loyalist family fled to England to escape the American War of Independence and seemingly vanished into thin air. American genealogist Jefferson Tayte is hired to find out what happened, but it soon becomes apparent that a calculated killer is out to stop him.

There are seven books in this series, including The Last Queen of England and the most recent, Letters from the Dead. Find the first book in the series here


Breadcrumbs and Bombs Tangled Roots Book 1 5. Tangled Roots Series

By Susan Finlay

From Book 1, Breadcrumbs and Bombs

In this riveting genealogy mystery and World War II historical novel, a young American, Lucas Landry, traces his ancestry, using breadcrumbs found in old diaries of two German girls in Germany and the Sudetenland.

Currently, there is only one book in this series, published in 2018, but the title clearly states that it is book one and the author offers several other series on Amazon. Hopefully, there will be more on the way soon. As with all of the books on this list it is Kindle Unlimited eligible. Find it here.

Happy Reading!

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  1. What a STUPID list as there was NO mention at all of Diana Gabaldon’s books series, Tranter’s books were not mentioned, Princess Michael of Kent had a very good book series!!!

  2. What about the Torie O Shea Genealogical Mystery series? They are hilariously FUN!

    As resident genealogist, historian, tour guide, and occasional amateur snoop, Victory “Torie” O’Shea can be found anywhere in the historic German town of New Kassel, Missouri-mixing fudge, giving tours at the Historic Gahmer House, tracing family trees, and even investigating murder…

    Family Skeletons
    A Veiled Antiquity
    A Comedy of Heirs
    A Misty Mourning
    Killing Cousins
    Blood Relations
    In Sheeps Clothing
    Thicker Than Water
    Dead Man Running
    Died In The Wool
    The Blood Ballad
    Bad to the Bones – NEW!

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  4. Donna Tillinghast Casey

    These books look fabulous!!! I cannot wait to get started on them. I am a mystery buff, an avid reader, and a dedicated genealogist…what more could a gal want than some books like this to read!!
    Thank You!!

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