6 Family Tree Craft Projects

6 Unique Family Tree Craft Projects To Keep You Busy This Fall

Creating family tree craft projects can be the perfect way to honor your ancestors and show off the hours (years!) of genealogy research and organization that have gone into building your family tree.

If you’re a family historian who happens to also be a fan of crafts and DIY projects, you probably know this: the family history projects that are truly worth the time to make (and some do take some serious time!) are those that can be artfully displayed in your home, given as gifts and, of course, handed down to future generations.

We’ve rounded up 6 family tree craft projects that are perfect for beginning crafters and experts alike. Each and every project on this list will produce a keepsake-quality end result that you’ll be proud to show off for years to come.

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6 Unique Family Tree Craft Projects to Keep You Busy This Fall

Family Recipe Book

Family history craft projects - recipe book

Do you have a collection of special family recipes that have been handed down to you? If so, there’s a good chance they’re scribbled on notecards or scraps of old paper and filed away in an old shoebox somewhere in your house.

Or, maybe you’ve gotten around to typing them up into a file on your computer but you’re not sure what to do with them next? Well, here’s the perfect project for you! A family recipe book can be put together much easier than you think. 

If you want to go the truly DIY route, you can print out your recipes and create a really unique scrapbook around these treasures. Want a little more help? Try this simple tutorial that uses a free design program to create the pages of your recipe book.

For a really polished look, and a family keepsake worthy of handing down for generations, try making your recipe book using an affordable photo book service (like Google’s Photo Service or Amazon Prints). 

If you choose to go his route, you can design your cover, add recipes (converted into jpg or png format, which can be done by taking a screenshot of text on your screen with Evernote or a photo of a printed recipe), old family photos or shots of the dish, lovely design elements, fun fonts, and more, right inside the photo book creator. Then, once you save your creation, you can have a soft or hardcover book in the size of your choice mailed to you and even order multiple copies in different sizes to give as gifts.

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Family Tree Wall Art

Family Tree Wall Art - Family history craft projects

Want to make a piece of family tree art that has the ability to display generation upon generation of your ancestry in one place? There are so many ways to do it!

Of course, you could have a stunning family tree print made for you by the many talented artists on Etsy OR you could make something really special yourself.

The tree in the image above may look elaborate but if you’re handy with a computer, you can create one just like it using the names of your many ancestors and print it in a variety of sizes to display around your home. You can find the tutorial for this project here on Cutesy Crafts. Family History Daily also offers several free family tree printables.

Want to make a big statement with your family tree wall art project? Try a family tree wall decal. Simply apply the decal to your wall, hang your old family photos in the perfect spots, and there you have it – a simple yet stunning way to show off your family heritage. 

A Real “Family Tree”

Family Tree Wood Cutting - Family history craft projects

Ok, well, not quite. This super clever project involves taking a slice of a tree (perhaps one that had to be cut down from a family property or even your childhood home) and using a simple wood-burning tool to inscribe ring upon ring of your family tree, starting with yourself in the center.

You can add decorative elements as you see fit or just keep it super basic. Then, simply apply a protective coating and there you have it. How special is that?

Now, is it going to come out looking like the stunning one in the image above? Probably not (sorry!) – but if you know your way around a wood burner, you’re likely to end up with a pretty amazing keepsake that your descendants will appreciate on more than one level.

You can also have the practically perfect creation in the image above made with your family tree right here.

Family Memory Pillow

Family Memory Pillow - Family history craft projects

Have a piece of clothing or special fabric from a grandparent, great grandparent or another family member? Why keep it stowed away in a box when you could make a one-of-a-kind family memory pillow to display in your home?

This super simple project is a great way to honor the memory of a special family member and keep a little part of their lives close at hand. Plus, it doesn’t require any special skills or tools, just a pair of scissors and a little hand sewing. 

Learn how to make a family memory pillow from a button-down shirt here on Sew Much Moore.

Places like Walgreens also allow you to have old family photos (or an image of your family tree) printed on a blanket, mugs and other household wares. These are fun ways to display your work and are great gift ideas. You can order online and pick up locally, or have the products shipped to you.

Family Tree Quilt

Family Tree Quilt - Family history craft projects

Whether or not you have serious talent with a sewing machine, putting together a family tree quilt is a big, wonderful way to record your family tree for years to come. There are a few options to make this happen depending on your skill level. But remember, whatever kind of quilt you choose to make, plan to commit a solid chunk of time to this project – quilting is certainly not a hobby for the impatient!

If you feel like your skills are up to the task, and you’ve got the time, go for a more detailed creation like the one shown above. You can learn more about it here on Red Pepper Quilts.

Need something a little more simple? Use any basic patchwork quilt pattern, but arrange the blocks that will feature your ancestors (using a contrasting color) in the shape of a family tree chart with names and dates. Oh, and no need to embroider each family member’s name on to the individual quilt squares – permanent fabric marker will do the job just fine and look pretty, too!

This can be a great way for a beginner quilter to enjoy creating a keepsake quilt – it really is a very rewarding process.

Chalkboard Family Tree

Chalkboard Family Tree - Family history craft projects

This is a simple, and relatively quick, project that would be even more fun if you recruited the help of a child or grandchild. This simple photo collage is taken to a new level with a clever chalkboard background, pretty captions, and a decorative frame and is one of our favorite family tree crafts!

For this project, it is definitely best to scan and make prints of the old family photos you’re including in the collage – for the sake of preserving the originals in the best possible conditions. 

Find the complete step-by-step to make a chalkboard family tree here on Your Homebased Mom.

Now it’s time to dive in and get crafty with your family history! Good luck and enjoy!

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