Genealogy DNA Test Now Available for the Lowest Price We’ve Ever Seen

Family Tree DNA, a leader in genetic testing for genealogy, has temporarily dropped the price of its Family Finder test to the lowest we’ve ever seen for an autosomal test for this purpose – $59. You can find the deal here.

The new $59 price of Family Finder is offered as a holiday special and, although that means it won’t last very long, this opportunity will likely be very exciting for researchers who have been waiting for DNA testing to become more affordable.

DNA testing for genealogy is becoming an almost integral part of today’s family history research, allowing researchers to explore connections and build their trees in exciting new ways.  And while testing options have long been available, the cost has only recently come within a range that many can afford. Lower prices have meant more people testing, more research and updates on the resulting data, and a greater variety of information for everyone involved.

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) offers one of the best DNA testing products available and, based on our experience with our own testing and research, they are the most accountable and responsible when it comes to handling sensitive DNA data. They’ve also made a host of recent improvements to their Matches section, giving researchers some great new options for exploring how two people may be related.

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Additionally, while some have wished that FTDNA’s MyOrigins reports would update more frequently, the company has always made it easy to download raw DNA so that it can be transferred to GedMatch, and other free services, for more detailed analysis.

You can find out more about Family Finder and the current deal they are offering here.

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Editor’s Note: If you choose to take advantage of the FTDNA DNA deal on this page, Family History Daily may receive a small amount of commission. We only recommend products we have or would use ourselves and this commission helps us keep the site running. 

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