Access 40,000 Genealogy Books for Free With This New Service

Thank you to Dallan Quass of Genealogy Gophers for sharing this information about their free genealogy book search.

Researching family histories online is an activity that has begun to come of age. Thousands of family history books and magazines are available to be searched directly from multiple websites. But searching through these websites and combing through the jumble of information they return can be a frustrating, costly, and fruitless process.

The newly launched family history website, GenGophers.com, solves these problems by providing precise and free access to the industry’s most effective online search tools and a growing library of more than 40,000 downloadable family and personal histories, local histories, and genealogy newsletters.

Many searchable book websites make it difficult to restrict searches to genealogy related books. The result is that online searches for names, dates, and places return lists of thousands of potential books completely unrelated to family history. Genealogy Gophers search tools are based on artificial intelligence algorithms and significantly increase the chances of finding relevant search term matches compared to typical word search engines.

After finding something of interest, relevant pages or whole books can be downloaded for free. Try the search at the GenGophers.com website.

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Image: “Chaplain Willard James chooses a book on religion. U.S. Army chaplain school, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana” 1942, Library of Congress

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