A DNA Test for Ancestry is the Perfect Last Minute Holiday Gift

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A DNA Test for Ancestry is the Perfect Last Minute Holiday Gift

If you’re still struggling to find great gifts for everyone on your list this year a DNA kit might the perfect solution. Prices are lower than they have ever been and kits from all of these companies ship quickly. They also come in nice packages for gift giving. Once you give the kit as a gift, the recipient can return their DNA sample and see their results at their leisure. They’ll get a full ancestry breakdown as well as host of additional insights with any one of these tests.

We’ve included the most up-to-date holiday DNA deals below. 

Make Instant Discoveries in Your Family Tree Now
Imagine adding your family tree to a simple website and getting hundreds of new family history discoveries instantly.

MyHeritage is offering 2 free weeks of access to their extensive collection of 7.7 billion historical records, as well as their matching technology that instantly connects you with new information about your ancestors. Sign up using the link below to find out what you can uncover about your family.

Please know that we have partnered with many genealogy companies to bring you news, helpful tips and special offers and may earn money to support our work if you choose to buy a test. Enjoy!

Not sure which DNA test to choose? For a detailed comparison of all of the top testing companies see our helpful guide.

Updated Dec 29th, 2017. Although most of these deals are no longer valid these companies do offer regular discounts. Visit their websites for the best offers available now.

MyHeritage DNA Sale – $59 or $49 when you buy 2 or more, ends Dec 18

MyHeritage may be the newest DNA testing company on this list but they already have some great offerings in place. You can buy a test for $40 off the list price right now for the holidays – $50 off if you buy two or more – (normal list price is $99, although they typically sell their tests for $79).


MyHeritage may not have all of the advanced tools of FTDNA or the large database size of Ancestry,  but they do have some really good family history integrations – making it very easy to use your DNA for genealogy research. For a full review of their genealogy-centric genetic test read our in-depth review or grab this deal here.

Family Tree DNA Sale – $59 and reduced shipping, ends Dec 31

FTDNA is the oldest and one of the most respected providers of personal genetic tests for genealogy. They are also the only major company offering autosomal tests (which provide ethnicity percentages and cousin matching) as well as tests of your direct maternal line (mtDNA) and of your direct paternal line (Y-DNA – men only).

Their popular autosomal test Family Finder – which includes the recently updated MyOrigins 2.0 report, advanced tools and cousin matching – is now on sale for $59. This is a $30 savings on their normal price of $89, although they do regularly offer the test for $69.

They are offering deals on their mtDNA and YDNA tests as well!

Find the discounts here.

AncestryDNA Sale – $79 and additional tests at $69

Although Ancestry’s DNA test (autosomal only) has not been around for nearly as long as FTDNA, their service has become incredibly popular since many researchers like to pair a DNA test with the more traditional research they are already doing on Ancestry’s site. Ancestry also recently added a new feature called Genetic Communities that many people are excited about – although some of their DNA features require a record subscription to fully appreciate.

Although we generally recommend FTDNA or MyHeritage over Ancestry for their superior handling of customer privacy, these tests are a good choice for those who use Ancestry on a regular basis and are a nice complement to other autosomal tests you may have taken. Since they do not allow uploads of external raw DNA this is the only way to get their reports.

A Simple Way to Discover More About Your Family's Past
MyHeritage makes it easy to find new details about your ancestors with their powerful built-in discoveries engine. Simply upload your current tree (or start a new one) to see what information you'll uncover instantly. They're offering 2 free weeks of access to billions of records, as well as a full suite of tools to help you easily improve your research.

Ancestry is currently offering a discount of $20 off DNA tests to those in the US. That brings the price down to $79.

Ancestry is also offering 20% off on Gift Memberships that ends on Dec 25th.

Need Some DNA Help?

If you need help figuring out which of these ethnicity tests is best for you check out our detailed comparison guide or find out how to get additional DNA reports for free once you have tested with one of these companies.

You may also like to sign up for our online course, The Genealogy Journey, which includes an entire section on using DNA for genealogy. Our simple lessons will walk you through the entire process from testing to interpreting results (including common pitfalls and misconceptions).

By Melanie Mayo, Family History Daily Editor

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Search 7.7 Billion Records Now
What might you discover with access to billions of new genealogy records?

MyHeritage is offering 2 full weeks of free access so you can search for your ancestors - including instant record matches when you upload your family tree.
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