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The 10 Best (Mostly Free) Scottish Genealogy Sites for Finding Your Ancestors

If you are lucky enough to be from Scotland, or are of Scottish descent, then you will love the plethora of records just waiting to be researched here (tha thu fortanach, gu dearbh). Scotland, with its majestic green mountains veiled by waves of mist, is such a wondrous place to behold! Let this guide to her online historical records lead you back in time to the land of your Highland or Lowland ancestors.

4 Simple Steps to Help You Decipher Old Family Photos

Hoping to figure out who is in an old family photo, what year it was taken or what the reason for the shot was? There is no doubt that discovering the who, when, where and why of family pictures is one of the most rewarding forms of genealogical sleuthing there is, but the job can seem nearly impossible. The good news is, there are some strategies that can help. If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on some old images, following the steps below can help you finally decipher them.

5 Strategies for Locating Marriage Records and the Vital Details They Contain

Marriage Records are an essential part of family history research and are one of the best ways to find the ever-elusive maiden name of a woman – as well as parents’ names, ages and occupations, residence and religious beliefs. If you have not found such a record for every married couple in your tree, you are missing out.

Two People, Same Name: How to Avoid Mix-ups in Your Genealogy Research

Recently I have been searching diligently for my husband’s German ancestors and I’ve run into that age-old genealogy problem – how do I distinguish between two unrelated people who have the same name, similar ages and live near each other? Or two people from the same family with the same name?

2 of the Top 3 Paid Genealogy Sites Offer Millions of Records for Free

Genealogy is an endless treasure hunt and, if you’re not careful, you can spend a lot of your own treasure building your family tree. Subscriptions to the popular paid genealogy sites like Ancestry and MyHeritage can cost hundreds of dollars a year. That’s why, when you discover your fourth-great-grandmother for free, it truly feels like you’ve stuck gold! And it’s why we are all about mining the vast genealogy resources on the internet for free records.

The Simple Dos and Don’ts for Preserving Old Family Photos at Home

For the family history researcher, finding a stash of old family photographs can be a true genealogy jackpot! And while our first inclination might be to hang them right up on the wall for everyone to see – this may not be the best idea. Here’s how you should handle them.

What You Will and Will Not Learn by Taking a DNA Test for Ancestry

As more and more people choose to test their DNA in an attempt to better understand their family’s past, a lot of questions are popping up about what a genetic test can and can not tell you about your ancestry. In this article we’ll go over some things you will learn by testing yourself, or your family members, and some things you won’t be able to uncover unless you combine your results with traditional genealogy research.

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