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The Free Online GRO Index is Your Key to Millions of Buried English Records

If your family history research leads you back to England or Wales, the records kept by the General Register Office, and the GRO Index, should absolutely be on your short list of amazing resources. The GRO has been recording vital information for the populations of both England and Wales since 1837. Nearly every birth, marriage, and death that has occurred there in the last 180 years has been recorded and indexed by the GRO.

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Sorry, There is No Such Thing as Luck in

Thank you to Bob Vornlocker for this article on his German genealogy research.  In the following article Bob has shared a personal story of breaking down a long-time brick wall and the process he used to create that "lucky break" for himself. He discusses using wildcards, the importance of accessing original records, his experience working with professional on-site genealogists, how common it is to confuse people of the same name when looking for ancestors and, most importantly, the ...

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These In-Depth Records May Be Genealogy's Best Kept Secret

PERSI is an index of millions of articles, how-to guides, genealogies, local histories and more that have appeared in society publications from around the world. Both family history and history societies publish regular periodicals for their members and have done for generations. These publications cover the area or subject specific to that society, and go into incredible detail - some of which may well contain information about your family.

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This Site Has Hundreds of Millions of UK and Irish Records No One Else Has

Are you one of the tens of millions of Americans whose heritage can be traced back to Britain, Ireland or both? If you are, you are not going to want to miss the collections at Findmypast. Among Findmypast’s 8 billion records are hundreds of millions of British and Irish records that you can’t find anywhere else online. And right now you can research these records for a full 50% off. That means an entire month for just ...

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Do you have a family crest in your tree? Is it associated with an entire family line or surname? Find out why, according to Jack Turton of The Coat of Arms Database, "family crest" is a misnomer and how to understand the actual meaning and history behind these symbols.

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Could You Qualify for Dual Citizenship in Ireland The Answer Might Surprise You

By Melissa Johnson, CG, Dual Citizenship Specialist In recent years, many Americans and citizens of other nations have gone through the process of applying for Irish dual citizenship. As a European Union member state, Ireland offers many benefits to its citizens, including the right to vote, as well as educational, financial, tax, and business advantages. Additionally, many people become Irish dual citizens for ease of travel and property ownership, for ethnic and cultural reasons, or to pass on ...

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Have European Ancestry? Here are 30 Free Sites to Search

Genealogy research can be challenging enough, but moving beyond the borders of your own country to discover records in other nations can feel downright impossible at times. If you have European ancestry, one of the greatest challenges can simply be locating quality databases and resources that are affordable. That's why we've taken the time to build our free genealogy site finder, doGenealogy. doGenealogy lists dozens of places where you can search for your ancestors online without signing up ...

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Millions of Free Irish Genealogy Records Online

There's big news in the world of Irish genealogy research this week! For the first time in history, more than 2.5 million birth, marriage and death record images for Ireland are now available online to anyone. And the best part of all? They're free. These important civil documents are the official state vital records of Ireland and are maintained by the General Register Office. Records date as far back as 1864. Find out how to access these ...

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UK and Ireland genealogy sites

Researching ancestors from England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland? Here's a list of free genealogy sites for the UK and Ireland where you can find everything from census returns and military service records to birth, marriage and death indexes. We have included only sites that offer mostly or completely free records in our list, but you should also read our Guide to UK and Irish Research for many more resources and help with your research. Once you've checked these ...

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