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50 Free Genealogy Sites to Search Today

Looking for a list of free genealogy sites to search? Here are 50 no-cost family history resources where you will find birth, marriage and death records, obituaries, cemetery listings, newspaper articles, biographies, research tips and so much more.

We had a lot of fun compiling this list of excellent websites. Remember, most free genealogy sites have been made available by the hard work and dedication of many volunteers! Don’t forget to thank them and give back when you can. Enjoy the search!

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50 Free Genealogy Sites

1. FamilySearch: largest collection of free genealogical records in the world

2. WikiTree: enormous collaborative family tree

3. Fulton History: historical newspapers from the US and Canada

4. Find a Grave: locate your ancestors in cemeteries across the globe

5. Google News Archive: millions of archived newspaper pages

6. US National Archives: official US National Archives site, many free genealogy databases and resources

7. Automated Genealogy: indexes of the Canadian census

8. FreeBMD: civil registration index of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales

9. USGenWeb Project: massive free genealogy resource directory by US state and county

10. WorldGenWeb Project: genealogy resources by country and region, not to miss

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11. Cyndi’s List: highly respected directory of free genealogy resources and databases online

12. Library and Archives Canada: official archives of Canada, census records and more

13. Ellis Island: immigration records, free indexes and original records, fee to download copies

14. FreeReg: baptism, marriage, and burial records from parish registers of the UK

15. POWVETS: WWII POW search for prisoners of war held in German camps.

16. RootsWeb: world’s largest genealogy community, huge amount of free information

17. Castle Garden: immigration records, pre Ellis Island

18. Chronicling America: giant database of archived US newspapers from the Library of Congress

19. Dead Fred: genealogy photo archive

20. North American Slave Narratives: autobiographical narratives of formaly enslaved people up to 1920 (more resources focused on African American and Black family history)

21. Immigrant Ancestors Project: emigration registers for locating birthplaces of immigrants in their native countries

22. Daughters of the American Revolution: military service records and more

23. JewishGen: Jewish ancestry research

24. FreeCEN: transcribed census records from the UK

25. Access Genealogy: vast family history directories and more, good Native American resources

26. British Library, India Office: records on British and European people in India pre 1950

27. Guild of One-Name Studies: extensive surname research site

28. Genealogy Trails: transcribed genealogical records from across the U.S.

29. NativeWeb Genealogy: list of Native American genealogy resources and searchable databases

30. Viximus: member submitted biographical information

31. WieWasWie: for researching ancestors from the Netherlands

32. UK National Archives: official National Archives of the UK, family history resources

33. The National Archives of Ireland: official National Archives of Ireland

34. GENUKI: reference library of genealogical resources for the UK and Ireland

35. German Genealogy Server: German ancestry research (many sections in German)

36. Preserve the Pensions: War of 1812 pension records access

37. Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System: Civil War records from the National Park Service

38. LitvakSIG: Lithuanian-Jewish genealogy databases and resources

39. Italian Genealogical Group: Italian American genealogy resources and databases

40. Internet Archive: a large amount of information useful to genealogists, but you’ll need to do some digging

41. Billion Graves: headstone records

42. Open Library: good place to find family history books, search for surnames or locations

43. GenDisasters: for researching disasters and other events your ancestors might have been involved in

44. Romany and Traveller Family History Project: Ancestry records for Romany, Traveller and Fairground families

45. Patriot and Grave Index: revolutionary war graves registry and patriot index from the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

46. Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection: vast number of archived US newspapers

47. Seventh-day Adventist Obituary Database: hundreds of thousands of obituary entries

48. Släktdata: genealogy records for Sweden (in Swedish)

49. Hispanic Genealogy: wonderful list of resources for researching Hispanic ancestry

50: Free History Daily Articles on Free Research: find hundreds of free genealogy resources and tips for using them on Family History Daily

There are many more free genealogy sites online. Since we can’t possibly list them all in one article, please share your favorite in the comments if you don’t see it here.

Family History Daily offers many more articles about free genealogy resources. Read our guide to free genealogy sites in the U.S., how to access paid genealogy sites through your library’s website for free or check out all of our articles here.

Featured Image: The Halley family. Priest River Valley, Bonner County, Idaho. 1939. Library of Congress

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  1. Thank you for this list and all of the comments adding other ideas! I’ve hit a wall on a couple of lines and have conflicting information. Hope this will help.

  2. I’m looking for a copy of Dexal Shannon’s book “Shannon” written in 1991. It is unpublished. Someone was emailing out copies at one time but so far I haven’t found them. Can you help? Please email me.

  3. i do ancestry with ancestry.ca and my heritage and i thought i would try family search. After several months I could not do it any more as I would put in my tree some my ancestors and some one would take them out and i would put them back in again’It was getting very frustrating that i just told them to close my account.I tried to put in a tree but could not.

    1. Hi Bruce! I may be able to help you. Feel free to contact me. I have used FamilySearch extensively for a long time.
      Vicki Rush

    2. Bruce, I so agree on the tree, but they have records that Ancestry doesn’t have yet! Also their Wiki is unsurpassed by anything I have seen elsewhere. Just type in a place name sometimes you need to use the County, and the site returns information about the formation, the changes, when records started being preserved, all the little towns and cities and for the most part where you can find records.

      They also have a great community of people who are willing to help; decipher handwriting, they will translate records and answer questions. They also have all kinds of self help on reading old languages, help with specific languages, most anything to do with genealogy. Reopen your account and use all the other great tools – just leave the Tree very simple to make it easier to search their records.

  4. peter (andre'a) sumpter

    help? how much do they cost as I only have very small founds and I would love to look as I would like to find about my past
    I am 72 this year

  5. My Great Grandma was full blood Cherokee her name was Edna Rice then found & married My Great Grandpa in Carolina Married & went on the Oregon Trail to Forest Grove Oregon. Her name became Edna Clairy I know she also as a young girl had to go through the Trail Of Tears Great grandma is buried at the Forest Grove cemetery .
    My grandma to us to see whereshe was buried I cant tell you her birthdate or the day of her death as I was young. I know my fathers side of the DNA but Ancestry .com would not include my mothers side. I.m sure I.m an 1/8 Cherokee & Irish on grandmas genes I would be honored to receive my native American card showing proof that I am indeed native American I am learning herbal healing & more as Great Grandma always spoke of the way things were in her clan & more.

  6. Thanks everyone for sharing all this info and comments. Given me many more areas to search. Having frustrating time…my maiden name was SMITH!!!

  7. Marlene M Miranda

    I’m looking into my family tree. What is the best way to find my family on my father’s side from Portugal ( the main land). And my mother’s side is the Family from Poland.
    Any information to dig and find information will be very helpful.
    Thank you!

  8. Teri Ott Penquite

    I am searching for the children or grandchildren of Roy Latimer Davis who lived in Kansas City, MO and graduated from high school there, went to college in Kansas, served in the Navy in WWII and lived in Florida at one time.

    1. My dads birth name was OTT, according to 23 & Me, we have DAVIS kin, my dad also had lived in Florida most of his life after age 40. Hummm….cousins? Mebbe?

  9. i was born under this name my mother passed beyond the curtian in 1943 at the age of 32.we lived in pontypridd south wales,i have found my 5 brothers, and5 sisters,all have passed beyond the curtian except 2sisters my self and my twin brother, i have met them after 60 years , as we were all put in a orphanage at the the death of our mother in 1943 my sister violet died at the age of 14 years,us twins were kept seperated from the rest of my brothers and sisters by the order of my farther. this was done by the social servicesthey sent me to london and kept my twin in wales,out of spite because he was not our farther, he ran of with a woman who had 10 children and they ended up with us in the ophanage with us , this i know because i have the documents of my adoption,and my twin as well, i would like some help to carry on , serching into 2 other families that are blood relitives mr and mrs nancy horgan and mr wilfred horgan,hoping this meets with your approval i remian mr howard horgan

    1. mrs v.j. Pattison-Bergson

      Hello my name is Valerie, are you still seeking help? If so please email me with an update on who you are wanting help with.

  10. Looking for Artemissa Kelly ( Kelley ) McCain and husband civil war soldier Will. From Benton, Illinois area. Any help, especially photos greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. Did you find any records on your Civil War Soldier??
      I am looking for information on John M. B. Patterson Enlisted on 16 December 1861 in the Company H 63rd Infantry Regiment : He served on the Union side; John M. B. Patterson est. born 1830 in Tennessee. As per records listed of soldiers in the NATION PARK SERVICE U.S. CIVIL WAR SOLDIERS 1861-1865 Data Base Battles and Places Listed. Was not killer in the war; died unknown after 1890 US
      Census lived in Arkansas, Randolph County, Water Valley Township. John M. B. Patterson is listed Farmer In the Eleven Point Community; as married to Francis (Scott) Patterson born 1828 Tennessee,
      Died unknown in Randolph County, Arkansas was married April 09, 1850 Jefferson County, Illinois
      They had six children; all born in Illinois. Five were born before his enlistment in the Civil War and one child born 1870 after he returned from the war.
      Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated; by Peggy J. Reed e-mail
      [email protected] suddenlink.net or Rick Patterson e-mail [email protected].
      Thank for any comments, leads or information regarding John M.B. Patterson.
      Peggy J. Reed – 2nd Great Granddauther of John M.B. Patterson

  11. Lots are free. Lots are not. I have all the charging sites blocked both in search and link. Genealogy is a hobby for me and not something I need to pay for. Personally I find familysearch to be the best there is on the internet and totally free.

    1. May I ask the name of your free website? I would love to check out your site and share it with all my friends that search.

  12. Does anyone know where I can find emigration records for Scotland?? My ggf Alix Greenberg left Braila, Romania some time in the late 1800s and wound up in Scotland. Also, where can I find Romanian Jewish records?? I would like to find out about my GGf’s Family. Thanks for any help!!

  13. If you are researching English or Welsh family history, please take a look at my free site ogindex.org. It list genealogical data by place and year. It will show you which sources are free or subscription. Very rarely will data be only available on a paid site. This is my personal project of 5 years and grows all the time. Currently contains 352,000 data sets including all of Ancestry, Familysearch, Findmypast, Billiongraves, findagrave, etc. It will save you hours of research time.

  14. These aren’t genealogy sites per se but they can be useful. As I mentioned above, many counties now put various records on-line. There are companies that provide these for various counties.

    http://www.OKCountyRecords.com (Oklahoma)

    In the Google search results, select the county. The names are in the format Okwxyz where Ok stands for Oklahoma and wxyz are the first four letters of the county name, e.g., Cleveland County is /Okclev

    Obviously above some of these sites are state-specific. But there are other companies in other states. Google (without quotes) phrases like “Harris County government records” or “Harris County Texas government records”

    1. William Lewis, Jr

      I signed up for some new service inadvertly. I don`t need it and want to cancel. I saw I somewhere I have until March 28 but cant get back there. Can you help?

  15. The photo of the woman holding the baby was taken near Priest River, Bonner county, Idaho in the 1930’s. The woman is my aunt, Marie Savage, The man in the middle is her brother, Arend Van Hoff, And I think the other man is her husband, Otho Savage.

    1. Mike That picture is amazing and I was wondering who these people are. The man without the hat kind of looks like my father and having your input is quite helpful. My dad would have been too young to be in that picture, but it is uncanny how much they look alike. Priest River is not too far from where i grew up and I remember seeing many places like that and visiting some friends and family with little farms with like buildings

  16. Looking for info re: Marie Testerman, supposedly b 1904 in Virginia. Later census data shows parents as George Testerman & Arminda (Neeley) Testerman, brothers, who were much older, Abraham & Luther. We suspect she may have been taken in by Testerman & not their natural child. Have not been able to find any record of her birth in Virginia or surrounding states. Any suggestions on where or how to search would be very, very much appreciated. Have been & continue to be an Ancestory member without success on this issue.

  17. The wiewaswie website (for Dutch ancestors) has also an English search page. The transcripted information is in English, but the (if available) images are in Dutch.

  18. Some of these sites are NOT FREE, they are connected with the LDS church. You can search for the info free, if you want to see it there is a fee.

    1. The LDS church does NOT charge fees.

      The LDS church has BY FAR the largest genealogy collection in the world–MUCH larger than Ancestry. However, LDS does genealogy for RELIGIOUS reasons, NOT as any type of favor for the general public or even for Mormons.

      The LDS digitization project generates about FIFTEEN TERABYTES of new images PER DAY. They don’t just “automatically scan and move on”, they also check individual image quality, etc.

      What LDS did a few years ago is they said, “If images of specific documents are available from other sites, even commercial sites, why should we provide it for free? We need to use applicable financial resources for the things that are NOT available elsewhere.” So they partnered with Ancestry and a few other genealogy-related sites.

      One thing that did is it made available FREE on FamilySearch a lot of the INDEXED data that ANCESTRY paid for. The FEE is because you will NOT be seeing images from FS, you will be seeing images ON the commercial site.

      Also, I can tell you that Ancestry does a LOT of cleanup of documents. Certain document sets such as the 1940 U.S. census ARE available free elsewhere. When you look at THOSE images and compare them to the ones on Ancestry, It is very obvious that Ancestry has often done substantial enhancement.

      1. Well said Rick. There is NEVER a charge to use familysearch. The only exception is the nominal fee to order films to be viewed at your Family History Center. If the image from the film is available on-line, you will be notified and you won’t need to or even be able to order the film.

        As stated, by Rick. to view an image, you may sometimes be sent to a partner site that does charge, but familysearch gets no money from that source.

      2. Thanks Rick. Many sites advertise as Free, as they offer a Free Trial for a limited time only. Often one discovers this only after entering the required information. It’s frustrating!

    2. the LDS Church owns Familysearch, which is totally free to use. Other sites may be run by member of the Church, and they may even charge for the use of their sites, but they have nothing to do with the Church itself

    1. You can also use Ancestry.com free at any LDS Family History Center. The Library Edition and the Institutional Edition do have limitations that the paid subscription does not have.


    I am looking for my ancestors of KELLER (other forms: KIELER / KELER / KIELLER / KOHLER ) Family from JUKÓW (or JUKOW) in Poland.

    1. My maiden name is Keller. From the research my uncle has done we are Swedish, German, Irish, native American but he could have missed something somewhere. Do you know if any of your family immigrated to America? If so maybe I can put you in touch with my father and you can find out if our ancestors are related.
      Wishing you luck in your search,
      Sonnett (Keller) Reyes

  20. Although they are not genealogy sites per se, MANY U.S. counties now have their real estate records available on-line for free and often you can even see and download copies of the documents.

    Just google {name of the county} County Clerk {State}, e.g., Harris County Clerk, Texas. That will take you to the County Clerk’s website, then look for Property Records or Real Property Records or Real Estate Records.

    (Be careful in big states. If you google Houston County Clerk, Texas, that’s a different county–you won’t get records for Houston, Texas, the county seat of HARRIS County.) Use Wikipedia or the U.S. Post Office ZIP lookup to find out the county. (Search for P.O. Box 1 in that city and state, then click on Mailing Industry Details.)

    Often you can tell relationships of multiple signers, such as husband and wife or a man and a woman with the same surname deeding the property to someone else with the same surname–most likely a son or daughter.

  21. Pat Dellinger Strouse.

    Looking for native american on my grandfather side it was his great grandmother my grandfather name is Charles Henry Dellinger born 1906 died 1984 his mother name was Sadie Lease Dellinger Horn married to Milton Henry Dellinger I would like to know my great great great grandmother name and what Indian tribe my dad thought is was susquenna

    1. Looking for a native American site. I have Indian grandmothers on 2 sides if my family that I would love to find more info on.

  22. Looking for information on my father’s US Navy records and how I could get him the copies of them. He served on the Forsnell in 1959 and he’s from Maine.

    1. You’ll need to submit a Standard Firm 180 to obtain his military records. Just Google SF 180 and the instructions are on the form.

  23. This is a great list! I’m always correcting people when they say researching genealogy is too expensive – and when I do show them just a few of the free sites out there, they’re amazed!

  24. Searching for irish ancestors the parents and familys of, William Coleman,1843,country cork.
    Catherine Daley,1839,Enfield.Ireland.
    They moved to Liverpool,England and married.
    Also any help with Joseph Burns,who left fot the U.S.A. in 1925 (William and Catherine’s grandson)
    My family would be so,so grateful.
    Thank you.

  25. Where do I do a search for a nephew who may be looking for me? He was taken from his parents when very young. I do not know if he was adopted for sure or just placed in a foster home.


    1. I have an Ancestry subscription but it depends on the age of your nephew as to whether or not he can be traced. I’m happy to look for you.

  26. Hi I am hoping someone in the USA can help me out please with some lookups there
    I am trying to find any information on Renata Dobrez that came from Australia after 1973? to the USA
    I am trying to find out if she is still alive and if she ever got married
    looking for information about her for family research
    Renata was born 28 Dec 1946 Fiume
    thank you for your time and any help you can give me with my search kind regards Michele Australia

  27. Cindy Middleton

    I am working on my family tree, and need to find out how to access the dawes rolls for my native American Indian ancesters names. I also would like to find out how to contact someone in Switzerland about ancesters.

    1. I just put in Dawes roll and it came up. It was divided in to tribes. Also you ay look up the Five civilized tribes, Trail of Tears.


  28. Don’t sign up on Ancestry.com for the free trial ~ sign up for a GUEST TREE ~ there is no charge ever for this

  29. Here is a Tip for free Genealogy In the Search Engine TYPE FULL TEXT: THEN THE SURNAME;
    EXAMPLE; FULL TEXTED: PILLSBURY The genealogy book of the Pillsbury family will appear. Use any surname. Sometimes a county book may appear for example FULL TEXT: IRWIN ANDERSON You will be Adams County Ohio. Its a great way for free answers.

  30. I shall be awake all night now having seen these free sites. Is there any good sites for criminals and convicts . Esp uk as shipped to Australia. It’s the court records I’m after thank you for reading I take my hat off to you all for doing a fabulous job

  31. I’m with you on this one, Donna.
    Some of them won’t give you any information at all , unless you pay/subscribe.

  32. Several of the sites allow you to search for a surname. But, to get information about the surname, you have to pay and join the site.

  33. Two of the Best Free Newspaper sites, Australia and New Zealand -you never know where your family might go,
    Australia = trove.nla.gov.au AND the OCR is correctable by all registered users (millions of lines already done) and New Zealand = paperspast.natlib.gov. nz

    1. Trove is a fantastic resource but you don’t need to be a registered user to correct the text. I urge all users to make corrections as you find stuff but remember to correct exactly as it is in the original, commas, errors and all.

  34. I agree with you Donna, especially if it is like I do, I forget to CANCEL the free trial and get charged at some point.

  35. I’m looking for the father of Joseph Martel born in April 1825 .Baie-du-febvre yamaska QC Canada. Joseph wife was hermine Alliar.

  36. Thank you for all the hard work you do and for making this list. I use many of these wonderful free websites, and will add a few more I use.





    I would also like to say that the Ancestry message boards are free to use, and have volunteers that can help you. http://boards.ancestry.com/

    Also, when you are posting for help, please post birth dates, death dates, burial locations, and locations your family lived in. If it is a female, please post the maiden name, and married name. The more info you can give, the better help you will receive.

    1. Thank you so much for the African Amercian site. The “African Heritage Project”, which is number 20 does not work and with your help hopefully I will find what am looking for.

      Thanks Again

    1. Czech Genealogy Society International is a free site: http://www.cgsi.org/
      It has free on-line records for Czech, Bohemia and Slovenia records. You must know the district and village name to find the church for your village to find the records. The Eastern District did not do their own microfilming but had the LDS film their records. Districts vary as to the amount of records now online.

      1. Go to familysearch.org, Hold your cursor on “Search” at the top of the page. Click on “Wiki”. Type Bohemia in the search box. This article tells how to search for records, what records are available, and provides links to records, indicating free or cost.

        1. When you click “search” and a map comes up, click on the area you want to search, ie; Bohemia.I do this for Croatia and a list of towns come up, click on the town you want and see the sources available.

  37. Thank you all so much for this information. I wanted you all to know that I truly appreciate all of the hard work you have done. You are all amazing!

  38. Joanne Schaub Cawley

    I would love to find some records from Ujak, Austria-Hungary. My Grandma was Julia Zavatsky, born in 1894.

  39. George Brian Sullivan

    I whole like to have “50 Free Geneology Sites…” sent to my email address. I find it most valuable. Please send it to me.

  40. Ernestine Northcutt

    I am trying to find some of my father’s mothers people. My fathers’ name is Grandville Adkins, his mother is Rose Pennington. I may have Pennington spelled wrong. My dad passed away several years ago, and we haven’t had very little contact with his people. We have had no contact with his mother’s people as she died when he was a small boy. His father was Churchill Adkins. My father had two brothers Opel and Able – who were twins, one died at birth and the other died in Cincinnati Ohio. Before my grandfather passed away he had run into some of my fathers people in Arizonia. They wrote some to my mom and dad and even sent a picture. But after my mom passed all these got lost. If anyone could help I would appreciate it. My dad i believe lived in Lafonte, Tn, Scout County or in around that area, he may have lived or his parents may have lived in West Virginia.

    1. I have this rose pennington in my family tree. As of now I do not have a spouse for her but will look. Kermit Wheeler [email protected]
      Ross P Pennington

      Ross P


      13 Jul 1890

      13 Jul 1890
      Pennington farm, Eagle, Clinton Co., MI

      Pennington farm, Eagle, Clinton Co., MI
      Dec 1954

      Dec 1954
      Grand Ledge, MI

      Grand Ledge, MI

  41. state of Georgia; looking for any information on John Pickney Bryant, DOB 1807. wife: Amanda Champion (maybe Cherokee Indian). I feel he had a second family as he was 30-40 older than Amanda. We know nothing of her family either. They were my great grandparents.

    1. I found this one record on familysearch. It probably isn’t much help. But a bit of information can go a long way. I’d suggest going on ancestry and starting a tree, you might get a few leaves if you use the information on the link. Even though you can’t look at the documents on ancestry without paying, it’ll give you a bit of information and you can just find it for free on a different site (I’d suggest family search, but you might have to go elsewhere for some things).

    2. Found some information in 1880 Census for John Bryant, 34 years difference from Amanda Chapman, had seven children. Join Ancestry.com. By now, you may have found this information.

  42. If you are researching in Somerset, England, the West Somerset Parish Records is the place to go. Records up to 1860 for most parishes. I have had fantastic ‘finds’ in this website.

    1. Pamela VanderBerg

      On yout post for the Somerset, England Can you let me know the web site? i have family that used to live there and want to find them. Thanks in advance.

  43. This is terrific, I have just written down all the available sites and will check many of these sites. There must have been thousands of hours of work went into this. Thank you for all of the hard work you have done, it helps so many find relatives and connects them to the country of their origin.

  44. I have some information on MIller’s from Wikitree.com back to 1758 for my family & wanting more information on them. Will check these web sites out. Thank you for all the sites to check out. I am also working on a friends family ( Godfrey’s) from Ne & can’t find any thing more information than 1888.
    Sandy Price

  45. A new free magazine with lots of informational articles and connections to some new resources for genealogical research and information. Very well put together and enjoyable to read.

  46. Very hard very difficult. Pedro Miguel Herrada my 5th great grandfather. Can’t locate. Married to Micaela Salas, then to Andrea Vargas. Trying to locate his parents. Please help,

    1. If you haven’t tried familysearch.org, try it . You never listed any dates for those people you are trying to find.There are records for the marriage of the children of Pedro and Micaela Salas. You might find immigration records for Pedro as well.

  47. Searching for Irish ancestors, Annie O’Loughlin B:1861 & parents Patrick O’Loughlin & Bridget Annie O’Loughlin (nee Woods). They died within short time each other. One Daughter Mary E O’Loughlin B:1953 went to Rochester, New York & married James Farley. Next Daughter Beatrice B : abt 1865and son James both to Adelaide. Need information esp DOD n place of Patrick & Bridget. After parents death kids cared for by Grandma McCann.

  48. Thank you to all volunteers.. You are a blessing.. If anyone can help me with my Italian records would be much appreciated.. I’d like to find them in English if their out there..


  49. Free site for those researching ancestors in the Troy and Albany area of New York State. Although the organizations name is Troy Irish Genealogy Society we do not limit ourselves to Irish records. We locate and transcribe any and all records for this area of NYS.

  50. Hi, im looking for my mothers birth and that of her 3 sisters 1 brother, we automaticly looked in ireland where they were from , but, just found out that they were all born in glasgow scotland, but cant find them they were all born in the 1920’s surname Loughran any free stes where i might find them ?? thanx

  51. I help input data to a couple of these sites. Thank you telling people about what we do. Now i know my hard work (unpaid) will be going to good use for even more people.

  52. Hi looking for Thompson family information. I want to research my Family who were originally from London, and Scotland Montague and Flora Thompson. Harold Montague Thompson, and my father Gilbert Nelson Thompson. Please tell me where to start. Thank you.

    1. If your ancestors were from Germany, you may wish to search for the surname Muller (with or without umlaut) or Muhler.
      Miller is an Anglicized version of the above.

    2. My maiden name was MIller, and I have found a lot of ancestors in Germany. Don’t know if we may be related, but we could exchange info to see if w come from the same family line if you would like.

      1. I am also a Miller. My ancestors were part of the German migration to the Russian province of Bessarabia where their name was spelled Mueller. I was able to find them on church records from Tarantino, Bessarabia. Maybe that will help you.

  53. Neville van Rooyen

    thank you for this information it will really help me in my searching. Do you have any sites that can assist me with South African records. I am finding that most sites are extensively in for the USA. thank you once again.

  54. If you have family ties to the ethnic community of Delray (Detroit) Mi. prior to it’s decline in 1960, then I think you will like my tribute to this once vibrant and thriving ethnic community. Families and life styes, the way it was, “Once upon a Time!”

  55. Has anyone had success finding roots in Italy. My family is from Perugia and I can not find any information. My grandparents came to America and I have that information, however their families never came here. It’s so frustrating trying to find any information, if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

    Dorothy Pierini-Rodgers

  56. Sorry to see you missed Genealogy Trails – we work hard providing free data for every state and every county, updated regularly. Check us out – genealogytrails.com

  57. Sorry to see Genealogy Trails missed – we work hard to provide information on every county in the US, with updates being made regularly. All free! Check us out – genealogytrails.com

  58. Was wondering about the picture of the family by the fence. My cousin saw it and belieesvs it to be her grandparents. We wonder if you could tell us about it and if it is could she get a copy? Thanks.

    1. How interesting, Eve. The image comes from the Library of Congress and is by the well-known photographer Dorothea Lange. (who also captured the iconic “Migrant Mother” as part of her work with the Farm Security Administration during the Great Depression)

      Here is the link to the original with full details, as well as the description provided by them. We’d love to hear back if it does turn out to be a relative.

      “Farm family in the cut-over land. Priest River Valley, Bonner County, Idaho. The Halley family, FSA (Farm Security Administration) borrowers.”


  59. Thank you so much for the information. I have been searching for a great-aunt in South Dakota in Roberts County and have had no luck. Maybe this will help.

  60. Families in British India Society http://www.fibis.org a free searchable database of millions of records free to search, free research guides in it’s wiki and a gallery of free images to browse and search. You would be surprised how many ancestors that have gone missing turn up in India!

  61. Thank you so much for all the website ideas!! I only knew of 2 of them – ancestry.com and my heritage.com. These are fabulous! Thanks again.

  62. USGenWeb.org has every county in every state listed. Volunteers maintain each county website. Lots of good information for researchers to go to if they know a particular county their ancestors were from. There is also Worldgenweb.org and Canadagenweb.org.

  63. Genealogy Trails at genealogytrails.com is ranked in the top 100 genealogy websites worldwide.
    Totally free websites of transcribed data. No ads, no banners, very few links – just DATA! Over 2 million records online – all FREE.

      1. I don’t know if you tried this, but if you are on the site, and right click with your mouse, a menu came up for me that had the option ‘Translate to English’. Best of luck.

  64. Wiewaswie.com can be viewed in english by clicking on the english button on the top of the page. I use this site almost daily! Thank you for sharing all these free sites it makes the search so much easier.

    1. I am struggling with new Zealand records for my family. Would you be able to tell me where to look for the newspapers and any other good records sites please.

      1. For help with NZ burial locations

        Judith (Judy) Whyte
        Community Services Administration Officer
        Central Otago District Council
        1 Dunorling Street
        PO Box 122
        DDI: 03 440 0618
        Fax: 03 440 0606
        Email: [email protected]

      2. FYI just noticed this one on the other updated list !!!
        7. NZ Birth, Death and Marriages Online: This site offers more than 3 million historical birth, death and marriage records for New Zealand. You can search the extensive index and order complete records when available.

  65. Lots of info to be found on this site, photos, maps, plot numbers and names of others interned in grave . Also has links to other cemeteries in liverpool.

  66. Information online of whose buried ,plot numbers, maps of cemetery and lots of photos of graves. Is an on going project. Also has links to other cemeteries in liverpool

  67. Alice Crocker Johnson

    Rernews my interest in genealogy! Wish had had there sites 30 years ago when was doing so much driving up and down the east coast of the US… Thanks so much for your work in bringing all these sites together…

  68. Geni.com. My favorite thing about searching there is that I can pull up a profile and see all the sources and documents people have already attached. So if I’m without access to a particular database and can’t easily get a record I’m looking for, I can often find the record already uploaded on Geni. And if nothing else, I can find at least one other person researching the same line, so we can collaborate.

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