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New Ancestry “Discovery Pack” Offers DNA + Records for Half Off

This offer from Ancestry has ended. Please see current offers on Ancestry’s website here. has announced that it is offering a new, steeply discounted product for Family History Month that combines their popular DNA test with traditional research options. The Discovery Pack, which is only available through Oct 21st, provides Ancestry users without a current subscription with unlimited access to all U.S. genealogy records for 6 months plus an Ancestry DNA test kit for $99.

This price reflects 50% off the normal full cost of these products, making it one of the lowest prices Ancestry has ever offeredPlease know that we work with many genealogy companies, including Ancestry, to bring you news about their offerings and may receive a percentage of any sales made from links on this page. This helps us support the work we do on this site.

But, while this big savings is definitely a good deal, those considering it should be aware that the 50% off being advertised is not fully accurate. Because this is not a package that Ancestry normally offers, the half off promise reflects the amount saved if a researcher were to purchase a DNA kit and a U.S. Discovery Membership separately at full cost ($99 for a DNA kit and $99 for the membership).

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Currently, Ancestry is offering their DNA kits for $69 (and does so somewhat regularly), so the Discovery Pack discount is really closer to a 40% savings. Ancestry also offers fairly regular discounts on the U.S. Discovery Membership to inactive subscribers on its email lists and DNA test kit purchasers.

Despite this, the combined cost of $99 for both items is a rare deal that will be hard to match even during the upcoming holiday discount season. If you have never taken a DNA test with Ancestry and are interested in exploring genetic genealogy this would be a great time to do it.

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Unfortunately, this package cannot be gifted. While the DNA kit could certainly be given to someone else, the membership must be applied to the account that purchased the package. If you want to take advantage of the deal and you’ve already taken an Ancestry DNA test you could gift the kit and keep the record access for yourself.

Ancestry has provided options for those hoping to share additional test kits with others as well. During checkout, Ancestry allows Discovery Pack purchasers to add on more DNA kits for family or friends for $69 each. Or, if you are not interested in record access at all, you can buy the kits separately for $69. You will pay $9.95 shipping on the first kit and $4.95 shipping on every additional kit.

You can find the Discovery Pack here through Oct 21st, 2018.

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Ancestry Discovery Pack Sale Offer

The Discovery Pack is a U.S. product and the pricing above reflects costs in USD before shipping. Discounts may be available in other countries at different rates.

For more help with genetic genealogy and what you can expect from Ancestry’s tests please read our guide to choosing the best test for you or see sample reports here. If you are interested in comparing Ancestry’s record subscriptions to those from other sites read this guide that looks at Ancestry, MyHeritage and Findmypast side by side. Other articles about can be found here.

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  1. I live in Australia and have been a member for many years. I’m bitterly disappointed not to be able to purchase a DNA kit for $69. I was intending to purchase 2 for each of my children.

    Thanking you

    Val Fraser

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