General Daniel Sickles at the the Gettysburg Reunion (the Great Reunion) of July 1913, which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Enter to Win a 12 Month World Subscription to!

This giveaway has ended. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and to for donating the generous prize! Check out the many unique resources they offer.

The randomly chosen winner, with comment #17, is Terry! Terry says “I am so excited about your site. It’s absolutely awesome. It will be such a great help to so many people. I have liked you on Facebook. Thank you so very, very much for the opportunity to win this amazing prize.” Congratulations!! You will be contacted by email.

Family History Daily is excited to host a very special giveaway to celebrate our launch, courtesy of! Find out how to enter below!

Make Instant Discoveries in Your Family Tree Now
Imagine adding your family tree to a simple website and getting hundreds of new family history discoveries instantly.

MyHeritage is offering 2 free weeks of access to their extensive collection of 20 billion historical records, as well as their matching technology that instantly connects you with new information about your ancestors. Sign up using the link below to find out what you can uncover about your family.

The Prize:

One Twelve Month World Subscription to (a $200 value)–including unlimited access to millions of records from the US, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia and New Zealand! The winner will be drawn randomly on Feb 15th from all entries on this blog post.

To Enter:

“Like” Family History Daily on Facebook and then come back and leave a comment at the end of this blog post to enter. If you do not have a Facebook account you can sign up for our newsletter instead (on the right sidebar) and then leave a comment.

For a Second Entry:

Share this giveaway with friends however you see fit and then leave a second comment letting us know that you did!

20 Billion Genealogy Records Are Free for 2 Weeks
Get two full weeks of free access to more than 20 billion genealogy records right now. You’ll also gain access to the MyHeritage discoveries tool that locates information about your ancestors automatically when you upload or create a tree. What will you discover about your family’s past? About is the North American branch of findmypast, an international leader in online family history research and digital records with a long company history of expertise and passion in the genealogy field. provides the most complete and relevant records in online family history and genealogy research, and members worldwide share its passion and rely on its expertise to help them discover the roots to their family tree. features unique and core U.S., English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Australian and New Zealand records dating back as far as the 7th century, including rare regional records. Our search tools and data accuracy are vital for both professional and budding genealogists, and we routinely partner with experts and organizations in the genealogical community to improve our site, benefit genealogical societies and support the advancement of genealogy across the U.S. works closely with the genealogy community, including local libraries, archives, societies, and other organizations from around the world, to preserve, digitize and provide access to historical records and genealogical publications.

Giveaway Rules:

Two entries per person are allowed, one for “liking” Family History Daily on Facebook and leaving a comment and one for sharing with friends and leaving a second comment. Giveaway ends Feb 15th at 4pm PT. The winner will be announced on Family History Daily, on our facebook page and via email.

Once you have entered check out the great resources on take a look at these special research tips to get you started!

232 thoughts on “Enter to Win a 12 Month World Subscription to!”

  1. I’ve “liked” you on facebook, and shared your site/articles a couple of times now. I’m impressed with the balance you’re offering with the articles and information. So far so good. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you !

  2. I would love this! I have recently started searching my Mother’s side of the family. My siblings and I know nothing more than our maternal grandparents, nothing further. I am greatly excite to see what I can find out!

  3. I would love this. I have recently started researching my Mother’s side of the family. None of my brothers or sister knows anything about our maternal grandparents family. I am hoping to put the pieces together for all of us.

  4. I am happy to find this site. My brother knows I have been researching my family for years. He found your site and sent it to me. Happy Day!

  5. Just passed on this information to my friend by email. She has a line from Ireland and England that we’ve worked on together. If I don’t win the findmypast subcription I hope she does!

  6. Share of Facebook – lloking forward to seeing what can do for me too–if I win. Thanks for yor time!

  7. Finding many many records on FindMyPast… but I have to buy credits in small batches because I just don’t have the money for a one-year subscription (retired, no pension!). I’m ready to win!

  8. This would be so cool to get help finding my family history. I only know a little bit. But I have been told I am Welsh, Indian and Scottish. What a combination.

  9. I have liked your site on FB and am excited to find another area where I can research my English, Scottish and Irish roots from USA.

  10. I’ve liked Find My Past on FB for some time. I’ve been researching my family genealogy for over 25 years and just last year l learned I had a 1st cousin once removed. I had been unaware my cousin had married and had a son. Now he and his family are quite close to my daughter. She has also become interested in our family genealogy and will continue when I die.

  11. Learned about your site from my daily Eastman genealogy newsletter, looking forward to reading it
    daily also. Thanks for all your hard work developing the site.

  12. I heard about this fine website in my daily newsletter from Eastman. Quite interesting and I hope to utilize the data quite frequently.

    Thanks for your hard work developing it.

  13. I liked your site on FB…As an obsessed amateur genealogist, I look forward to another source for genealogy! Best wishes for success.

  14. Congratulations, Family History Daily, I am already enjoying the blog.
    (and would love to win!)

  15. I don’t to much about my family. would like to find out all my family history to pass on to my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. It would be so awesome to win this.

  16. Shared link to my Facebook page :o) I really appreciate all that Find My Past has done to preserve and provide access to so many resources. LOVE seeing daily historical posts. Thank you!!

  17. Am gald that there is going to be a new genealogy site where I can find information about my ancestors.

  18. I would love to have a free subscription. My Aunt is avid about our family history and trying to keep up with her is almost impossible. I could use the extra resource!!!

  19. Susan Hinrichs Turner

    Shared with my friends on facebook and will be attending a seminar in March at the local Genealogy Center where I will certainly be sharing the url and info for Find My Past!

  20. Susan Hinrichs Turner

    Finding the connections to my past Family History will ensure that in the future, my family members will know where they came from and the story behind how they got here!

  21. I have been following you on facebook for months now. I have wanted to join you site, but money is too tight for me. I hope I win as I will be able to locate my family from England Wales, Germany, and my husbands from Ireland. And those that I hit a brick wall on here in USA..

  22. I’m really looking forward to reading all of the articles on Family History Daily and I’ve liked it on Facebook.

  23. I am so very interested in finding any and all info about my ancestors. I am 74 years old and I need to leave all info I can for future generations..

  24. I love genealogy & all sites that seek to teach & enlighten people in regards to finding their family roots 🙂 Thank you

  25. This looks like an interesting site. I look forward to visiting often for ideas and encouragement.

  26. Looking forward to seeing what you are offering to enhance research possibilities, beyond what is already offered here in the USA.

  27. Well, i went over and liked everything i could. Hope I win! I’m new at this, tho my brother has been at it for 30 years or more. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do…

  28. I can always use some genealogy tips – research never really ends! Hoping Find My Past will eventually expand to Canada, I did see something about it happening eventually. Most of my research is in England and a little bit in the US so will be checking back here to see what useful tidbits I can pick up!

  29. I’m always looking for new information to help my genealogical journey. Thanks for providing a new place to learn.

  30. Looks great – just subscribed to the Newsletter, so I hope this gets me my entry into the giveaway!

  31. Being pretty much a newbe and still haveing so much to learn I welcome any system that will teach me more and at the same time help keep it fun and this looks like it will certanly accomplish this for me.

  32. Just posted an email to our genealogy society telling them about your new site. Have gotten some good comments!

    Carolyn Johnson Burns
    Webmaster / Publicity Officer
    Montgomery County Chapter
    Ohio Genealogical Society

  33. Heard about you from Dick Eastman’s newsletter. Read the article Never Trust a Document and really enjoy how it was written. Hope to see more from this author!

  34. Shared your info to Pinterest and my FB wall, and will be sharing it with several genealogy sites, as well. Best of luck!

  35. Great site. Learned about you from Dick Eastman. Looking forward to checking in on a daily basis. Liked your Face Book page.

  36. I am always looking for reliable information in an easy to find format. I signed up for you newsletter. thanks.

  37. Spotted the article on Eastman’s blog this morning. Looking forward to additional aspects on a “salted peanuts” hobby.

  38. Heard about you this morning via Dick Eastman’s column. I made you my new “Home Page”! Looking forward to seeing all that your site has to offer.

  39. Found your site via an article on Dick Eastman’s Genealogy Newsletter; and I’m glad I did.
    Very good articles. You’ve got the start of a Bit Hit. Looking forward to reading more.

  40. This site looks great! I am always interested in more genealogy information. You never know where new information will come from!

  41. am looking forward to your on-line newsletter, shared the post right away on my facebook page, plus my Genealogy Friends group. Thanks much!

  42. Thanks for the alternative to participate without Facebook (so many places only interface using that)- signed up for the newsletter. Please add my entry to the drawing. The site is great. Visually engaging in addition to interesting/helpful content. Look forward to perusing it daily!

  43. Great site, good luck with it!! I will be checking it out
    “daily”. Have liked on Facebook.

  44. What a great idea this is! I found you through EOGN and will add you to my daily routine. Best wishes !

  45. I have many descendents from the UK and look forward to using Also looking forward to reading Family History Daily to learn more about finding my family genealogy.

  46. We are on a fixed income & are having to drop most of our subscription sites. This would really be great addition to our research!!!

    Am looking forward to the newsletter. This, the 1st one, really looks like it has potential to be a leader in the distribution of genealogical information.

  47. I am so excited about your site. It’s absolutely awesome. It will be such a great help to so many people. I have liked you on Facebook. Thank you so very, very much for the opportunity to win this amazing prize.

  48. Signed up for newsletter and RSS feed. I’m enjoying the nature of the articles. I’d love to win to get a jumpstart on my family history.

  49. Just read Thomas MacEntee’s article about your site. Good luck with your endeavor. I will be checking in to read more. Can’t have too many genealogy sites in our lives.

  50. I also just sent an email to my Genealogy 101 class I’m taking at a senior center. I’m sure they’ll check it out! So please enter me a 2nd time!
    Thanks again!

  51. This web site looks interesting! I read about it on GeneaBloggers by Thomas Macentee. I subscribed to the newsletter, so please add my entry to the contest drawing. Thanks!

  52. I’m happy to ‘like’ this site on Facebook! It’s off to a great start with solid articles and information. I’m looking forward to adding it to my daily family history haunts 🙂

  53. I can already tell that this site is going to be one of my first stops on the net! The articles are informative, entertaining, and refreshing — so far, so good!

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